Tips & Tricks How to Overcome Any Damage to Automatic Washing Machines

Multymeter.comDiscussion about the problems that occur in automatic washing machines, starting from the initial process of use, to all minor damage, to the worst, and I will also try to help for a solution.

How to use the automatic machine

1. Connect the washing machine power cord to a power outlet.

2.Connect the washing machine water pipe to the water source tap, position “ON”.

3.Enter the clothes to be washed, adjust the amount according to the capacity of the washing machine.

4.Press the power button, it will activate the default mode. Press the Start button to start the automatic washing process.

5.The washing process will continue until it is finished, and the water will be drained automatically.

6.After the dirty water runs out, the spin process will run automatically to remove the remaining dirty water from washing.

7.The module will automatically run the Solenoid Valve to drain clean water back for the rinsing process. Then the water will automatically return.

8.The final stage of the Spin process will run again, to dry clothes.

All the damage that often occurs, and how to fix it

1.Water Level Pressure Switch

Water Level Pressure Switch Mesin Cuci

This part is often called a water pressure sensor, its function is to measure the water needed in the washing process.

Characteristics of damage to the water pressure switch

The machine can not operate / spin, because the water is considered less.

• The water flows excessively, so it overflows. Because the sensor can’t work normally.

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To solve this problem, simply replace the water pressure switch part with a new one.

2. Selenoid Valve

Selenoid Valve Mesin Cuci

This part is often called an automatic valve as a closing and opening.

Damage to this section, the washing machine cannot spin. How to solve this problem by replacing, or cleaning the water inlet filter.

3. V-Belt

V-belt Mesin Cuci

The function of this part is as a successor to the rotation of the dynamo to the gearbox.

The characteristic of this damage is that the machine functions normally, but the tube cannot rotate, even though it rotates only slowly.

The way to solve this problem is to replace a new one if the v-belt is loose, or reinstall it if it is detached from the gearbox.

4. Capasitor

Capasitor Medin Cuci

Capacitor function as a starter. Damage to the engine capacitor is just buzzing, and even the engine can’t spin, even though it spins but the rotation is slow/weak.

How to solve this problem, replace the capacitor with the same size value.

5. Gearbox

Gearbox Mesin Cuci Satu Tabung

Its function is to regulate the rotation of the tube. This damage can result in the tube not being able to rotate, even though it rotates only in one direction. Replace with a new one to solve this problem.

6. Door Switch

Door Switch Mesin Cuci

This part functions as a sensor to turn off / operate the washing machine, because this part is connected to the washing machine lid. If this part is damaged the machine cannot operate.

Replace with a new one to solve this problem.

7.Auto Module

Modul otomatis Mesin Cuci

In this section, all the performance of the washing machine can operate automatically. Damage to this part of the machine does not function normally, even the indicator light also turns off. Repair the damaged part, of course it must be checked by a technician who is experienced in the field. new.

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8. Dynamo Motor

Motor Dinamo Mesin Cuci Satu Tabung

Damage to this section can be caused by several factors:

• Short due to overload

• Short due to exposure to water which results in corrosion of enameled cable coils.

• The age of the dynamo motor is old

Those are some problems about automatic washing machines, with all the problems. Hopefully it can help to care for and maintain its normal function.***

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