How to Fix Tv Remote Button Not Working Normal

Multymeter.comThank you for visiting, and may we be given health always… For this discussion, I will write about remotes, either Tv remotes, or other electronic remotes.
Sometimes We Are Annoyed When At One Time, We Are Watching Tv, Suddenly The Remote Can’t Function, Either Some Buttons Or All Buttons Of The Tv Remote Can’t Be Touched.

And not infrequently, we hit the remote with our hands, hoping to get back to normal. Because We Think The Battree From The Remote Is Running Out, Even though the Battree Replacement is Still New.

If the above problems are often experienced by us, it is better if you hit the remote control, you should avoid it, because it can aggravate the damage.

Here I Will Share Tips To Overcome Error Problems On The Remote As Mentioned Above, Only With The Help Of Tinner Or Alcohol.

But With Note Battree With Normal Conditions, Not Low-Batt Or Drop-Drop.
Please open the cover of the remote, so you find parts like the picture below;

The picture above is a view of the remote PCB, in this section dirt or stains from the remote rubber button pad often occur, so the path of the PCB is covered with stains that interfere with remote performance.

To Clean, Use Tinner Or Alcohol With The Help Of A Cloth.
Wet the cloth with enough Tinner or alcohol, then rub the PCB slowly and carefully, so as not to damage the PCB path.

When it feels clean, let it dry completely, before installing the cover. Avoid cleaning the remote PCB using water, because water can rust components and PCB paths.

After the installation of the remote cover is ready, try using the remote for use. Usually the remote will return to normal. If this method does not work, it is likely that the remote damage occurred in the broken track or component parts. With New Remote.

Those are light tips for material overcoming remote jams, hope it’s useful, thanks for the visit, and look forward to the next article at a later time.

If the explanation above feels less clear, watch the video below, more or less as a complement to this material.***

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