Do These Several Steps To Normalize Slow Laptop Performance – A laptop that is used for a long time will start to slow down in performance and, of course, it really bothers you when you use it. Performance and productivity are hampered. Slow laptop is usually caused by accumulated system cache. To overcome this, users will usually replace or add a solid state drive (SSD) to their device.

However, you should not rush to replace or buy a new SSD before trying to clean up the laptop by removing some cache independently. Some of these ways can also be done easily with simple steps. So how do you clean up a laptop so that it is no longer slow? Check out the following steps.

Using Windows R

In this way, you can delete some useless files to free up your laptop’s storage.

  • Press Windows + R Type “temp” without brackets Later, several folders will be displayed and all these files will be deleted.
  • Then, press Windows + R again and type %temp%.Delete all existing files.Then, check if your laptop is running smoothly again. Using disk cleanup.
  • Click Windows and open it in the search for “Disk Cleanup”. Select the drive you want to wipe and click “OK”.
  • Later there will be many files that will appear and choose to be deleted. Clear the cache using Recycle.
  • Open the Recycle Bin application Select the files or folders you want to delete.
  • If you want to delete it completely, simply right click and select “Empty Recycle Bin” 5. Delete unused applications Then you can filter which applications have not been used for a long time. try uninstalling the application. Here’s how: Log in to Windows Select “Applications” Select “Application and Features” Later there will be several applications installed on your laptop Select an unused application and select “Uninstall” Set the storage settings. Try deleting temporary files through the storage settings. Here’s how: Open Windows and type in the search field “Storage Settings”. Select “Temporary files”. Select the files you want to delete and then click “Delete files”.***
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