How to Replace a Fan Dynamo Without Soldering

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Almost in every home there is an electronic item whose name is a fan, even though in every house also has an air conditioner (air conditioner) as an air conditioner. Besides the price is more affordable than AC, the fan also does not require large watts of power so it is more efficient energy, because that’s one of the options.

In the maintenance of the fan is also not complicated, and if there is damage the cost of repairs can still be affordable.
Electronic Equipment, Over Time Will Definitely Be Damaged, due to lack of maintenance, or due to long use. However, this fan damage is still categorized as one of the electronic equipment that is easier to repair, even though the damage is very severe.

For this material, I will discuss how to repair a fan with severe damage, but it does not require a soldering iron, so that anyone can do it, as long as you understand and are thorough in the work.

The damage that often occurs is starting from a break in the cable, speed control switch, weak capacitor, damage to the Boshing, damage to the gearbox, blown dynamo fuse, and the worst if it occurs in the dynamo fan.

Causes of Dynamo Damage, caused by the breaking of the Spool / Copper Coil, or even burning which resulted in the Enamel wire coil breaking, and slow fan rotation due to the weakness of the Dynamo part.

To overcome severe damage to the dynamo, you just have to replace it with a new dynamo, which can be purchased at the electronic spare part shop. get a new dynamo at a shop that sells spare parts.

In addition to buying a New Dinamo, you can also re-roll a Dinamo at a Dinamo winding service. The price is not much different from buying a Dinamo by re-rolling, and there are definitely advantages and disadvantages when you buy a New Dinamo by re-rolling the Dinamo.

For the problem of the shortcomings and advantages of the New Dynamo and rewinding the Dinamo, namely; Buying a New Dynamo we can install it on the same day and it is cheaper if you buy it at a Wholesale Store, but the drawback is that the quality of the Enamel wire coils is not guaranteed, because the Enamel wire is usually made of Aluminum is easy to break, maybe because it’s not an original Dynamo, most of those on the market are of low quality, it’s very difficult for the market to find the original, but even though it’s not an original item, the durability is quite good.

And for the re-rolled dynamo, the advantages are usually the Enamel wire is made of real copper and of course is of higher quality than the aluminum Enamel wire, and if one day the Dynamo roll burns out, we can disassemble and take the copper wire to sell to a flea dealer, and the price is also quite expensive too one kilogram.

For the downside, we just have to wait a few days for the winding process to finish, so it can’t be directly attached to the fan body. From the description above, you just need to adjust the condition, want to use the New Dynamo or re-roll.

Next we start the dynamo installation. First, open the cover. There you will find four cable colors; BLACK, BLUE, RED and WHITE.

The picture above is a switch for the Miyako brand wall fan, for the type of standing fan, the wiring is not much different in order and the color of the cable as long as the brand is still the same, because usually for different brands, the color of the wiring is also different, but the important thing is that you have to pay attention to the color and position. Don’t Forget Cables Or Interchanged Connections.

If you are going to buy a dynamo, also bring a damaged dynamo as an example and ask for a dynamo test, as well as ask the color of the cable for the line to the power cord. ,and Blue for speed;1,2 and 3.

For Cutting Dynamo Cables That Are Damaged, Especially For Speed ​​Cables, Leave About One Centimeter Of Each – Each Speed ​​Cable On The Switch (Switch.), Do Not Cut Out, The Purpose Is To Sign When Will Connect The Cable From The New Dynamo.

When You Connect The Speed ​​Cable, Twist The Cable Until Nothing Is Left, So The Rest Of The Connection Can’t Come In Touch With Other Speed ​​Cables, Because It Can Lead To A Short Circuit, It’s Another Thing If You Connect The Cable With Soldering, Because It Can Be Directly Pasted And Soldered.

For those of you who intend to explore electronics repair work, start buying supporting tools such as; Plus screwdriver and Minus screwdriver, Tespen, Pliers, and Multimeter or Avometer, because usually if we can repair only one type of Electronic tool, we will want to learn to repair other Electronic tools, don’t let the desire be cut off just the equipment is incomplete.

That’s How To Replace A Fan Dynamo For Beginners Without Using Solder, Hopefully It Can Be Understood For Those Of You Who Want To Learn.

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