How to replace a cellphone battery with a different type of battery

Multymeter.comMobile is no longer a luxury item that can only be owned by certain people like in the past, when this gadget was just out on the market. Because at that time the price of cellphones was still soaring, so only certain people could have it.

Now mobile phones can be owned by various groups which seem to be a daily staple.Because cellphones are our daily needs, not infrequently we will also always charge the Battree Mobile frequently, so that Battree’s life becomes shorter,broken battery term, it must happen.

And worse, when we are going to replace the Battree, in the market there is no longer available that sells Battree, due to the discontinuation of the production of the cellphone itself.

Here I will provide a solution for your Battree Mobile which is already difficult to find on the market.No need to have special skills, the important thing is that you have to understand between the negative pole and the positive pole, because Battree cellphones use DC electric current, so they shouldn’t be confused when connecting the cables.

In general, a cellphone uses a Battree with a capacity of 3.7 Vdc, which means, all batteries with any brand can be used by any brand of cellphone. The only problem is the size and position of the Battree connector which is sometimes different.

I’ve used Battree Mobile Tablet, to replace my Android Mobile Battree. Actually, any Mobile Battree can, on condition, the size of the Battree can fit into the cellphone. If there is a problem with different connector positions, it can be tricked.

Previously, you had to have solder and tin. And also a little special electronic wire, it’s good to use two colors, black and red. because here DC current applies, so there is a positive pole and a negative pole. cable connection. If the electronic cable is still too big, you can use a copper cable, which is usually used to roll up the dynamo, but with a smaller size, so it doesn’t get stuck in the backdoor (close) of the cellphone.

You connect the red cable from the Battree positive connector to the cellphone positive connector. And connect the black cable from the Battree’s negative connector to the Mobile’s negative connector. Remember, don’t make a mistake in connecting the connector, because here it uses DC current, so the connection can’t go back and forth.***

How to replace a different type of cell phone battery
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