It Turns Out That It Is Not Difficult To Repair Any Damage To The Water Pump Machine Yourself

Multymeter.comWelcome To My Blog, And Thank You For Visiting, Hopefully This Article Can Be Helpful For Those Of You Who Deliberately Look For Material About Problems Around The Water Pump Engine That Often Occurs. Okay pal, we start from the plumbing. Leaks In The Suction Pipe, Usually Water Can’t Go Up. For that we must check every pipe connection and if necessary we re-glue. Next, We Check On The Tusen Valve That Is Located At The Bottom Of The Pipe.

Damage to the valve tube is marked with water that can rise but must always be fished, because the water that should be in the suction pipe can’t be stored, because the valve valve can’t work properly. Usually Tusen Valve Is Blocked By Sand Or Mud, For This We Can Overcome It By Cleaning It. However, if the valve valve has been cleaned, but is still leaking, it is a sign that the valve valve is asking to be replaced.

Tusen Valves There Are Two Types, Some Are Made Of Metal And Some Are Made Of Plastic, And Certainly Various Types Of Prices. To Replace The Valve Tusen Must Be Adjusted To The Pipe In Use. To Check The Quality Of The Valve Tusen, We Can Fill The Valve Tusen Before It Is Installed On The Pipe With Water, If The Water Does Not Reduce It’s A Sign That The Valve Tusen Is In Good Condition, And If It Is Filled With Water Then There Is A Leak, A Sign The Valve Tusen Is In Damaged Condition. After We Check In The Piping, Next We In The Capacitor.

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The water also cannot rise, or the water comes out weak, it could also be the capacitor as one of the causes. Severe Damage From The Capacitor, The Water Machine Wants To Live, If The Fan Is Assisted In Turning By Hand. And even the water engine can die completely if the capacitor is damaged. For How to Check the Capacitor With The Condition Apart From The Water Machine, We Can Connect Both Ends Of The Cable To The PLN CONTACT STOP For About 10 Seconds, After That We Unplug, Then We Connect The Two Capacitor Cables, If There Is A Stronger Burst, The Capacitor Is In Good Condition However, if the explosion is weak, it is a sign that the capacitor is in a weak state.

But you have to be careful when connecting the capacitor cable to the PLN (State Electricity Company) line. And the second way of testing a capacitor, using a multimeter, turn on the X1 or X10 scale on the multimeter, connect the multimeter probe cable to each capacitor cable, back and forth no problem, if the multimeter needle points to 0 and back again, it means the capacitor is in good condition. Good.

But actually, checking the capacitor using a multimeter is less accurate, it’s better to test the water machine using a new capacitor. For Capacitor Replacement, use it according to the same size, usually between 8uf – 18 uf, depending on the type and type of water machine.

And if with the second check the water still can’t rise, further checks on the inside of the water machine, we start by opening the side cover, the lid is usually yellow, there are four bolts. In it we will find several spare parts, namely impellers, whose function is to create power so that the water can rise with its rotation, this tool is rarely damaged, but if it is found the condition is not normal anymore, it can be replaced. In the room / around the impeller I usually call it snails, this room is usually easy to corrode because the place is rotating water, and it can cause water not to rise, because of the air pressure coming out (leaking) due to corrosion.

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Next, we check again in the next section, namely the SEAL PER section. It is most hidden from the spare parts that I described above, namely in the axle of the water machine, to check it, we must first open the impeller, and the inside, under the impeller, where the seal is located.

To Open It We Can Pry With A Screwdriver. Don’t Forget To Remember The Arrangement Of The Parts Of The Spring Seal, So That The Installation Time Is Not Wrong, Because Leaking Just A Little Water Can’t Go Up. Usually the replacement of the spring seal can overcome the water machine, when the water runs weak or the water doesn’t come out fast.

 If all the work that has been described, the machine still cannot draw water, it is most likely that the reel is weak, and it means that you have to re-roll the dynamo spool. That’s it buddy for the material this time, hopefully it can be useful, and sorry if there are shortcomings in my article, thank you for visiting.***

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