The Advantages of Submersible Water Pump Machines And How To Install It

The use of a water pump in every household has become a daily necessity, because with a water pump machine, the need for water for all purposes is much easier and saves time.

Now there are many types of water machines to choose from, and from several brands, ranging from conventional water machines that are commonly used in general, which are placed on the floor, and also types of submersible water machines, namely water machines whose usage method is input directly into the water. drilled well/water source, or better known as a dipping machine.

The use of a submersible water pump machine has several advantages compared to a conventional water pump machine, including:
• Easier installation

The easy way to install a submerdible water pump machine so that it can be installed by yourself, because the submersible system works to push water up, making it easier for water to rise directly, it is less likely for water to fail to rise to the top which is commonly found on conventional water pump machines due to a leak in the pipe every connection.
• Easy Maintenance

If the installation is according to standards, the submersible water pump engine is rarely damaged, as is usually found in conventional water pump machines, such as damage to the parts.
• Not Noisy, because it is embedded in the borehole, so the sound is not heard coming out.

• Does not require a special place.

• Save installation time.

• Save costs due to minimal maintenance.

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For those of you who are going to use a submersible water pump machine, first you need to know the following suggestions:

• Performance must be in accordance with what is written in the ” Name Plate ” section.

• Submersibles must be submerged at least 5 meters deep.

• Submersibles must be submerged to a maximum depth of 70 meters of water.

• Submersible operations a maximum of 20 times per hour.

• Maximum temperature 40°C.

Preparation Before Submersible Installation :

The purchase of a submersible water pump machine is equipped with: engine unit, control box, cables, and plugs.
Before the submersible engine unit is installed, first provide some additional accessories that must be purchased separately, because they are not included in the purchase of the engine unit, such as: water pipes, sockets, glue, tape, and rope, the length of which is at least 0.5 meters more than the length pipe, for fastening purposes. For ropes, it is recommended to use wire slings to make them durable.

Submersible Installation Stage:

• Connect the pipe with the additional threaded socket on the submersible engine unit, rotate it until it is strong.

• Connect the pipes as needed.

• Tie the rope firmly to the submersible engine unit section.

• Pull the cable, and sling rope or other, along with the cable, along the pipe, then tie every one meter distance to the pipe using a cable tie, or something else to make it neater and less messy.

• After the glue in each pipe connection is completely dry, slowly insert the machine unit into the borehole.

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• Leave a distance between the engine unit and the bottom of the borehole/water source of about 1 meter, so that the sand or mud is not sucked up.

• Tie the rope tightly so that the engine unit does not touch the bottom of the borehole. Another function of the rope is to help remove the submersible engine unit if there is maintenance.

After the above process is complete, please connect the plug to the power source, then press the red switch on the control box.
The stages of installing the submersible water pump engine unit have been completed. Do not turn on the submersible water pump engine when the engine is not in the water, even if you test the engine unit before installing it.

For the section on how to connect cables in the control box, please see the picture below:

• 3 color cable; Blue, Brown, and Yellow green strips are wires for a power source.

• 4 color cable; Brown, Blue, Black, and Yellow green strips, are the cables connected to the submersible water pump engine.
For the wiring section of the control box, this must be done by experts, to avoid mistakes that can damage the engine unit.
This is an introductory review of the water pump machine, and how to install it. Hopefully it can help those who want to try to install a submersible water pump machine for personal use, or as a daily job.***

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