A Guide for Installer Service Users for Electrical Installation of Private Houses-Buildings

Multymeter.comFor owners of newly built homes, electricity must of course be installed before the house begins to be occupied. This process should be done before plastering the walls and installing the ceiling of the house.

Installation of electrical installations starts from the installation of conduil pipes and bow boxes that are planted in wall plaster for placement of cables, sockets, and light switches. And for the installation of the inner cable network for installing light fittings or other network distribution, it is best to do this before installation. ceiling so that the process is easier, especially if the house or building uses a concrete roof, of course for the ceiling using a tightly closed system.

The installation fee payment system usually provides two systems, namely:

1.Installation Fee

In this method, the home owner only pays the installation fee, for the material needs for the installation of electrical installations provided by the owner of the house/building.

The advantage for the home owner in this way can save a little on the costs incurred, because the material is purchased by yourself.

The disadvantage, homeowners will be bothered by providing all the materials that must be purchased, and even more troublesome if the homeowner does not understand all the types of materials that must be purchased, this will hamper the work speed of the installers themselves.

2.Installation and Material Wages

With this system, the owner of the house/building must pay the details of the wages along with all the materials according to the number of light switch points, sockets, and others.

The advantage for the home owner is that he is no longer bothered with everything that is needed for the work, because everything needed is provided by the installers. And also with this system, the installation work will be completed faster.

The disadvantage of using this system is that the costs will be greater, because the installer will include at least the road costs for the purchase of all the materials.

Thus all payment systems for the cost of installing home electrical installations that can be a reference for those of you who will use the services of an installer. It is recommended that you consult first before starting work, so that there are no misunderstandings about costs, especially if you use installation services only for repair work. installation, not new installation, because repair fees can be more expensive per point compared to new installation.***

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