How to Troubleshoot Motorcycle Taillights Off – On

Multymeter.comTips and tricks for overcoming the motorcycle taillight bulb that sometimes turns off – on, even completely off. Maybe some of you have experienced the same problem as I will tell you about here, so I welcome you to my blog.

Motorcycle taillights are quite important for the rider, and also for other people, because with the rear brake light, other riders from behind can know the presence of the vehicle in front of him when it is dark or in the rain which makes it difficult for the eyes to see, as well as a sign when the vehicle in front is braking, so don’t let the motorcycle lights, especially your taillights, turn off.

Starting from my personal experience, at that time the rear motorcycle light or brake light didn’t turn on, and I took it to the repair shop, then the mechanic immediately replaced the light bulb with a new one, regardless of whether the bulb was broken or not, I understand. they are mechanical engineers, not electronics technicians who have soldering equipment,

Because it was the second time I replaced the light bulb, I checked the light bulb that was sentenced to death by the mechanic, it turned out that the light bulb didn’t break, or burned, only the connector made of lead was one of them out.

Then the idea arose to bring home the used light bulb, and at home immediately prepare the equipment needed, such as: Solder and Tin.

I added a tin of one pole of the connector that had run out sufficiently, but remember, don’t let the two connectors be connected to each other, because they can short circuit, it doesn’t take up to five minutes to do it, and the result is successful…! The bulb can light up again.

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The cause of one of the tin connectors on the motorcycle light bulb running out is due to the heat generated by the motor’s eilectric current, because of that heat the tin is eroded away. With this experience, I was able to save on the cost of replacing light bulbs.

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