How To Check The Grounding Of A Home Electrical Installation

Multymeter.comFor the first article of this Blog,I will discuss about how to best the quality of the existing grounding in the house.

Grounding (United States),earthing (UK),electrical earthing (Indonesia),a way for our safety,when there is damage to electronics equipment,so there is no electric shock occurs.

Grounding Line installed on each socket,which is usually installed when installing electrical installations,and usually uses a yellow cable with green stripes.

All grounding Line on the socket are connected to a grounding Iron rod embeded in the ground,which is usually not far or below the KWH PLN (State Electricity Company).

To Check grounding,we need a tool called a Multimeter or avometer.How to use it,first we turn the Switch from the Multimeter on the scale for Ac Volt current measurement,we use a larger scale than the PLN voltage,which is 750 Volt AC,because the PLN voltage is 220 volts Ac.

The first step,we Check the PLN voltage first,by connecting the Red and Black wires from the Multimeter to the two holes of the shocket,and the Multimeter must show 220 volts, this indicates a normal PLN voltage.

The second step,we connect one of the Multimeter cables in the hole that uses the PLN Phase /fire current ( to Check the Phase /fire current,we can Check with Tespen),and the other Multimeter cable we connect to the grounding Line,which is located on the pin/plate above below between the socket outlets.For this value.the Multimeter should show 220 volts.

And to check the grounding, we connect one on the cables from the Multimeter, to the socket hole with the PLN netral/zero Line,and one more cable from the Multimeter cable we conect to the grounding Line pin/ plate,and the value on the Multimeter is a Maximum of 5 volts,the value sign grounding in the value is quite good.

Sometimes not All houses in electrical installations have a grounding lin installed,maybe the installers don’t install it Just to reduce price when they get a wholesale installation of electrical installstion Service fee with the materials.

For that,for those of you who are planning to install electrical installations for a new house being built, there is nothing wrong with asking for help to provide a grounding Line to the installer, for long-term safety.

For this article, hopefully it will be useful for those of you who Check whether your home installation has a grounding Line available,and those who already available,whether the quality is standard or not.

Thank you for,visiting and look forward to coming back in the next article.***

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