How to Overcome Damage to Electrical Installations at Home

Multymeter.comInstallation of electrical installations, especially for homes, sometimes everyone Installers have different opinions about the use of special cable colors for the Fasa line or fire line, sometimes a house electrical installation is encountered, even though the fuse in the house has been turned off, the installation still has current, this is very dangerous if there is a home repair or even if there is an electrical installation repair.

As generally, the installation of electrical installations is not carried out by the PLN (State Electricity Company), but is carried out by the Bureau as a provider of electrical installation services, and even recently construction workers have also become accustomed to handling electrical installations, as well as when building a house. of course there is a difference when using the color of the cable for the Fasa line, especially if you don’t understand the color standards for the function of each cable.

It was found at that time that I was asked to add electrical installations in a newly renovated house, for safety’s sake I turned off the fuse, but I did not turn off the KWH Meter section belonging to PLN (State Electricity Company), but it turned out that after touching one of the wires by accident , it turns out that there is still an electric current, even though if the fuse is turned off, there should be no current.

The problem is due to the reverse of the cable installation from PLN’s KWH Meter to the home installation network, because the special neutral or zero line cable in the home installation is used for the Phase line or fire when installing the KWH Meter, and vice versa, the Phase line cable is made into a neutral or zero.

To find out whether or not there is a difference in wiring in a home electrical installation, you pay attention to the light bulb, whether there is a flicker as if the light bulb is on, when the switch is in the off position. This sign is easy to find when using an LED type light bulb. check using a multimeter, or use a Tespen screwdriver.

But before that, I remind you not to ever try to practice what I wrote if you don’t understand in the field of electricity, just leave it all to the experts, because it can endanger yourself and also for those around you who will try to help you from the dangers of electric shock.

To overcome this problem is to change the position of the phase cable in the fuse in the house, and there is no need to change the KWH meter cable belonging to PLN at home.

The trick is to move the cable that was for the Phase line to a special neutral or zero line, and make the neutral line for the phase line. Now the fuse has been replaced with an MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker) because it is considered more durable, and easier to get on the market.***

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