Get to Know & How to Install Led Strip Lights for Ceiling Lighting

Multymeter.comThis LED strip is very popular for decorating ceilings of buildings and houses, so that a different atmosphere can be created in the room according to the colors used.

In general, LED lights come in the form of hoses and also LED strip lights LED strip lights have many advantages, such as: The light produced is more stable, brighter, not hotter and lasts longer compared to common fluorescent lamps.

The way to install LED strip lights in the ceiling is in principle the same as installing them in electronic devices. The difference is the installation of a series of LED strip ceiling lights, the size will be longer so it requires a larger power supply.

1. Recognizing the type of LED lamp needed

For those of you who plan to install led strip lights to get the beauty of ceiling light in your home, you should first identify the types of LED lights in the market, that way you can choose the product you want to buy. one.

a.5050 LED strip lights

LED strip lights have the brightest illumination.This kind of LED light is equipped with 3 or 4 colors at a time on 1 LED chip. And for the size of this chip itself, it also has bigger size compared with other LED, which is 5mm x 5mm.

b. 3528 LED strips

With a smaller chip of 3.5mm x 2.8mm, the 3528 LED strip is suitable for use in narrow spaces such as desks, headboards, etc. C. 2835 LED Strip Available in 1 single non-replaceable color,

c.2835 LED strip

2835 led strip is a LED strip that has low power consumption, so it is suitable for lighting. One drawback compared to other LED strips is that the 2835 type cannot be powered by a USB port and must use a power supply or DC power and an additional adapter. In addition to having a low power consumption value, this 2835 LED strip also has a lower price.

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2. Select the color according to the shade you want.

Make sure the color that will match the ceiling of your home, and for led strip lights, you have the choice of various colors, such as RGB and RGBWW. What’s the difference? Here is an explanation. one.

a. RGB

For LED strip lights with RGB (red, green, blue) colors usually have attractive colors. Generally, LEDs with this type of RGB come in 16 to 20 color variants. And for those of you who want an ambiance with standard colors, you can opt for this type of LED strip with RGB color.


Unlike the above colors, this RGBWWW comes with millions of different color variants. And usually this RDGWW LED is equipped with a white ship whose brightness can be adjusted. You can set it to warm white or cooking white. Because normally this RGBWWW LED is used to light up big events or parties.

Some tips and how to install LED strip lights in the ceiling:

Use flexible LED strip.
Use a flexible LED strip to make it easy to install in the corners of the ceiling (lights hidden behind the ceiling) and also choose the desired color.

There are several types of LED strips on the market, but the one commonly used is the SMD type, for example, the 3528 LED strip, which means that each LED chip used measures 3.5 x 2.5 mm. One that is quite popular today is the 5050 LED strip.

To attach the LED strip to the ceiling, you can use double-sided tape which is usually included in a package with the LED strip.

Use a power supply with the power according to the LED strip needed.

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As an illustration:

• Assuming 1 LED chip requires a power of 0.08 watts.
• In 5 meters of LED strip there are 500 / 2 = 250 LED chips (if the distance between the LED chips is 2 cm).
• So, 250 x 0.08 watts = 20 watts.
• 20 Watt + (20 x 25%) Watt = 25 Watt (plus about 25% of the total power needed to anticipate the efficiency of the power supply).

So, if you use 2×5 meter LED strips, the minimum power supply needed is 50 watts. And what should be considered again is the voltage used; there are 12V, 24V, 48V and 64V (12V and 24V are used quite often).

If you are using an RGB type LED strip, use a power supply that has a color controller and a remote control to control it. Using the right power supply will make the LED strip last longer and produce optimal light.

The power supply has different wattage, so it should be adjusted according to the type of LED strip used.

Place LED strips in parallel and use quality cables.

Being connected in parallel, if there is a damaged LED strip it will not turn off the whole LED strip and it is easy to locate the damage.

Install the LED strip discreetly

Install the LED strip unobtrusively to reflect the light produced. The reflected light will make the light more uniform.

Using LED strips on the ceiling of your room will create a beautiful and distinctive feel.

By placing lights on the ceiling (hidden ceiling lights), it gives a modern impression and, of course, beautifies the room.

Installing LED strip lights on the ceiling (hidden ceiling lights)
When we are going to install a strip light on the ceiling, of course, the first thing we prepare is the strip light itself.

Strip lights, as we know, come in many colors. Therefore, determining the color is very influential on the final result.

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Choose a color according to the impression you want to show. If you want a more modern impression, you can use colored strip lights.

However, if the strip lights are just to sweeten the room, you can opt for neutral colors such as white, warm white or yellow.

Ready to get creative with LED strips?

Be sure to check out the LED strip business opportunities through our catalog! Or you can also contact our CS for a more detailed explanation.

Determine the power supply requirements for LED module strip lights.

Guide to determine the need for Power Supply:

• First determine the type of lamp you want to use and know the wattage/power of the lamp.
• Calculate the total Watt or Power consumed by the lamp.
• Watts = Volts x Amps

• Amps = Watts/Voltage
• After calculating the amperage used by the lamp, find the appropriate power supply.
• Use a power supply with a higher capacity than that used by the lamp (recommendations about 30% more) to make the load on the power supply lighter and make the unit stronger and more durable.

Example :

• To install a 7 meter SMD2835-120 type strip hinged ceiling lamp with a wattage of 12w/meter, the following power supply is required:
• The wattage of the SMD2835-120 lamp is 12 watts/meter = 7 mx 12 W = 84 watts.
• Amps = 84 watts / 12 volts = 7 amps
• Although now that the lamp requires a power supply with a minimum capacity of 7 amps, it is recommended to choose a power supply with a minimum capacity of 7 amps.
• It is recommended to choose a power supply with a capacity of 7A + 30% = 9.1 Amps.
• The power supply with close capacity is 10A.

Guide to determine the need for Power Supply

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