Easy Ways to Check Flight Status Only by Utilizing iPhone Sophistication, Here’s the Way…

Multymeter.com – Do you have an iPhone smartphone? Did you know that only through your iPhone you can consult or check the flight status of an aircraft? Users will normally take advantage of the services of applications such as FlightRadar 24, The Flight Tracker, FlightStats, etc.

All of these apps have the main feature of tracking aircraft travel in real time from departure airport to destination, as well as flight status. When using an iPhone, these features can be obtained without having to use the above apps.

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Since the release of iOS 15 about two years ago, the iPhone has been equipped with the Data Detector function that allows the text of flight numbers to be automatically detected. With this feature, users can check the status of aircraft flights on their iPhone without the need for additional apps. The Data Detector feature can be accessed to check airplane flight status on an iPhone via Apple’s instant messaging app, iMessage.

So how do you check airplane flights on your iPhone via iMessage? When the flight number of a certain airplane is sent in iMessage, the text will be detected and clickable to show the flight status. If you are interested in trying this feature.

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Here is how to check the flight status of an airplane on an iPhone via iMessage.

Here are some steps to check the flight status of an airplane on your iPhone without additional apps.

  • Start by opening iMessage on your iPhone, then send the flight number and name of the aircraft whose status you want to check, for example, “JT-12 Lion Air”, “Lion Air JT-12” or “JT-12 on Lion Air” (without the quotes).
  • The next step, the iPhone will detect the flight number text. When it has been detected, there will be an underline in the text of the flight number sent in iMessage.
  • Touch and hold the underlined airplane flight number text. The iPhone will then display a pop-up window containing a map and animation of the aircraft’s real-time travel from that flight number.
  • In the pop-up window, users can click on the “Flight Preview” or “Flight Preview” menu to see a more complete flight status of the aircraft. In the “Flight Preview” menu, various information is included, such as the status of whether the aircraft is en route, delayed or has arrived.
  • Then, there is also information about the aircraft’s departure and arrival times and the duration of the flight. Easy enough, isn’t it a way to check the flight status of an aircraft on an iPhone? As additional information, the above method was tested on an iPhone with iOS 16.2 operating system version. Different iOS versions used may also be different. That’s a complete explanation of how to check the flight status of an airplane on an iPhone via iMessage without additional apps, good luck.***

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