How to Solve the Problem of Instagram Can’t Open On Iphone

Multymeter.comInstagram is an application that functions as to share photos, and videos which of course have millions of applications used by people in the world, as a means of socializing with other Instagram users.

But not infrequently the Instagram application crashes or cannot be opened, one example is what happens on an Iphone or Ipad smartphone. If you encounter this problem, the Instagram application will suddenly exit itself when it is opened.

The cause of Instagram crashes on iPhone or iPad can be caused because there are bugs in the application. Bugs that often occur, for example, are found in the Instagram application version 255.0.

The version of the Instagram application, which has been released since October 3, has reported problems. Quoted from BGR, the problem is that users cannot open the Instagram application on iOS-based devices.

So, shortly after pressing the app icon and loading the launch page, the Instagram app suddenly closes and returns to the “Home” screen on the iPhone or iPad. Some users tried to reinstall the Instagram app, but the result is still the same.

With a cause like that, then what to do if Instagram error, crash, or can’t be opened on iPhone or iPad? For more details, here is how to solve Instagram that can’t be opened on Iphone or on Ipad.

  • Instagram app version update
    A bug on iOS devices that causes users to not be able to access or open the Instagram application. To fix this, users must update the Instagram application on an Iphone or Ipad by updating it in the App Store by pressing the “Update” button on the Instagram application. To overcome this, they suggest that users update the Instagram app version on their iPhone or iPad. How to update the Instagram application version can be done via the App Store application store by pressing the “Update” button.
  • Completely close the Instagram app
    In addition to updating, how to solve Instagram cannot be opened can also be done by closing the application completely. To completely close the Instagram app, swipe up on the iPhone or iPad screen from the bottom corner of the screen. Then, swipe up on the Instagram app window. Once it’s fully closed in the background, try reopening the Instagram app. By doing this, you can refresh the system on the Instagram application so that it can work normally
  • Restart the iPhone or iPad
    Restarting or reloading iPhone and iPad is the third way to refresh the system on iPhone or iPad which may be causing the application to not operate smoothly. To restart the iPhone or iPad, press the power button and slide the “turn off” option on the screen, then the iPhone or iPad is turned off, then please turn on the Iphone/Ipad again by pressing the power button to turn it on. When it turns on again, try opening the Instagram application again. That’s about an explanation of how to solve the problem of the Instagram application not opening or crashing on an iPhone or iPad smartphone, hopefully it will be useful.***
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