Are Electric Cars Safe From Flood Disasters? Here’s the explanation…

Multymeter.comElectric cars have become an exciting conversation in the last few days, electric cars are expected to be one solution to the issue of environmental pollution caused by vehicle carbon emissions that cause air pollution, especially in big cities. Because this type of vehicle does not require fuel.

However, because they do not understand the issue of electric cars, many people question all the ins and outs about this type of car.

Especially about the dangers if the electric car is flooded. This is because many cities in Indonesia are prone to flooding when the rainy season arrives. With this statement, people question the safety of electric cars when flooded. Basically, any electrical system if exposed to water can cause a dangerous short circuit, then what about electric cars?

One of the biggest problems with electricity-related devices is flooding (water), because electrical devices will be damaged, or shot.

However, related to the risk of electric vehicles being hit by floods, that danger has been overcome by using certain systems developed by the supply company. This ensures that electric vehicles will be safe in the event of a flood.

In terms of electric vehicles currently being developed, on average they already use IP (Ingress Protection) standards, for example IP 55, IP 45, and others.

For example, IP 55 has a specific meaning that indicates the security system used by the vehicle.

The first 5 means safe from harmful dust while the second 5 means safe from water spray with low pressure (12.5 l/min) for 3 minutes.

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That’s just an example, meaning that if what we buy has an IP 55 spec, it shouldn’t take more than 3 minutes.

But if the specs use IP 57 of course it’s different. It is said to be safe from immersion in water with a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes.

Tips for driving an electric car during a flood
People who don’t really understand about electric cars, many question the safety of cars when hit by floods, and how to overcome them.

electric vehicles have been designed in such a way that they are safe from possible flooding.

In practice, batteries and other electrical parts of electric vehicles are (by default) isolated or insulated from the possibility of being exposed to water, including when they are flooded to a certain extent.

However, if the electric vehicle sinks, the aforementioned insulation will not be able to hold water.

So how to deal with flooding when driving an electric car?

Reporting from The Day, there are several basic principles to ensure the safety of electric vehicles when exposed to water. That is:

  • Never drive an electric vehicle if you do not know the depth of the flood.
  • Never drive an electric car if the flood water is moving fast.
  • If your electric vehicle breaks down, leave immediately and seek higher ground.
  • Do not rush into the flood carelessly because flood water can carry stones, pavement, debris, and other obstacles that can damage or paralyze your vehicle.***

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