The World’s Largest Solar Power Plant Will Be In Karimun, Riau Islands – Indonesia

Multymeter.comKarimun, Riau Islands, Indonesia is an area that will be targeted to become a solar power producer (PLTS), which is projected to be the largest in the world.

Quantum Power Asia as an international solar power plant developer, and ib Vogt have signed an agreement for the manufacture of Indonesian photovolataic (PV) modules. The function of the PV module is a device that converts solar energy which ultimately produces electrical energy.

With a value of US$ 400 million for the manufacture of PV, Indonesia is a mega project located in the Special Economic Zone (SEZ). meet the electricity needs of the local area

For the construction of this Indonesian PV module manufacturing facility, Quantum and ib Vogt are collaborating with global company Seraphim to conduct a techno-commercial feasibility study for the construction of a manufacturing facility that will supply PV modules to the Anantara Project. This feasibility study is dedicated to funding and building PV mini-grid in Indonesia, other domestic projects as well as to fulfill exports to foreign markets.

By involving Seraphim as a well-known PV producer and supplier in various countries listed as a “Tier 1 supplier” in the New Energy Finance Module Rating issued by Bloomberg.

Simon G. Bell as Managing Director of Quantum Adia Power Pte Ltd said, Quantum and ib Vogt have prepared a funding commitment to build 3,500 MWp PLTS with energy storage capacity of up to 12 GWh in the Riau Islands. The project also aims to provide clean energy to meet local needs before exporting electricity to Singapore via a 400 kV subsea cable.

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With an investment commitment of US$ 6 billion or equivalent to Rp 85.2 trillion, this PLTS in the Riau Islands will be the largest PLTS in the world to be built in the Karimun SEZ, Riau Islands.

“The feasibility study carried out will include the construction of a production facility of 1 GWp per year within the Karimun SEZ which will bring in direct investment of more than US$ 400 million and attract indirect investment related to infrastructure, suppliers and other sub-contractors,” explained the Managing Director (APAC). ), ib Vogt, David Ludwid.

Meanwhile, Chief Executive Officer, Seraphim, Polaris Li, said, based on the results of the feasibility study, it is expected that the construction of manufacturing facilities can begin in 2024 with production starting in 2025.

“This investment in manufacturing facilities will create 500 high-quality job opportunities as well as more than 4,500 indirect job opportunities,” he said.

The construction of the PLTS Mega Project in the Riau Islands is committed to meeting the electricity needs of the local community before exporting electricity to Singapore.

With the full support of the community in the Riau Archipelago, hyper-local supply chain links have been designed, skills competency training programs relevant to residents, as well as business development activities. Thus, it is hoped that the project can involve local micro, small and medium enterprises and have a maximum positive impact on the wider community.

As part of the initiative to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, the Government of Singapore through the Energy Market Authority (EMA) has issued a Request for Proposals (RfP) for electricity import permits, to supply clean energy from neighboring countries including Indonesia. The resulting project will be one of the largest solar PV or PLTS programs and battery storage in one location globally.

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