Two Variants Of Electric Motorcycle From Canada That Will Be Released In 2024

Multymeter.comThe Canadian motorcycle company, Can-Am will try to enter the competitive electric vehicle market. The electric vehicle that will be produced this time is a motorcycle type, which is targeted to be marketed in 2024.

Can-Am previously produced three-wheeled motorcycles in 2006 by Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP). Before being taken over by BRP, Can-Am had produced motorcycles in 1970 – 1980, and finally closed in 1970 1987.

And now in the hands of the Bombardier Recreational Product (BRP) company again producing two variants of electric bicycles, the Can-Am Pulse, and the Can-Am Origin. Although the specifications of these two motorcycles have not been released, it is predicted that the engine will use a Rotax engine, which was previously already working with manufacturers Aprilia, and BMW.

Can-Am Pulse targets the urban market with Naked bike style, this motorbike is projected to compete with Del Mar’s Live Wire motorbikes. And the off-road Can-Am Origin variant that uses Dual Purpose, which will compete with Kawasaki KL motorbikes and motorcycle Zero FX.

We look forward to the release date, can the electric bicycles from both of them enter Indonesia? In order to increase competition in the market for electric bicycles, because there are more competitors, it is hoped that the prices will be lower.***

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