5 Electric Motorcycles From Several Countries On The Market, Including Your Country’s Products?

Multymeter.comLately, the world of transportation technology has begun to focus on emission-free vehicles, which are commonly referred to as electric vehicles, ranging from electric cars and electric motorcycles. However, electric vehicles tend to be more expensive, especially electric vehicles for motorcycles, which should be more expensive. affordable for the lower middle class.

Although for now electric vehicles are considered quite expensive for the selling price, this does not stop manufacturers from innovating to create electric vehicles for commercial use. , because the selling price of the battery is also considered to be very expensive.

The following is a list of motorized vehicles from several countries, especially for motorcycles that are already on the market.

1. Gesits

The Gesits electric motorcycle is the work of the Indonesian Ministry of Research & Technology together with the Ten November Institute (ITS), which is located in Cilengsi, Bogor, West Java.

Gesits uses a 72 volt / 20 Ah Lithium-ion battery that produces 5KW of power. With that size, Gesits is able to run as far as 50km for the use of one battery, 100km if you use two batteries. For the battery charging process, Gesits only takes 4 hours.

Motor Listrik Gesits

Gesits shipments have reached Senegal with a total of 200 units, and so far this year has sold 4,000 units, from the targeted 7,000 units of Gesits electric motorcycles.

2. Segwey

Segwey is an electric scooter type that is well known in Europe and America. In Asia, Segwey is known as the Ninebot. In addition to producing electric motorcycles, the Segwey scooter type, the company has created electric vehicles such as Trail bikes and MVPs.

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Skuter Listrik Segwey

The weight of this motorbike is only 96 kg, and the speed is up to 52 kph, which is capable of traveling with a distance of 105 km. The Segwey N90C is equipped with a 72 volt/32Ah lead acid battery, and is safe from splashing water.

3. City Slicker

Looks like the Benelli TNT 135, City Sliker comes from China which is assembled and marketed in America. This motorcycle is designed for urban areas so that it can be used more easily by anyone.

Motor Listrik Slicker

City Slicker is capable of traveling at a speed of 75 km / h with a maximum distance of up to 57 km from the results of a 3.2 kW engine, which is equivalent to 4.2 hp. If this vehicle is driven at a speed of 32 km / h, the City Slicker can cover a distance up to 100 km. And uniquely this vehicle can run backwards, with the use of belt-driven.

For the tank that is supposed to contain fuel, it is used as a storage area. The speedometer is already using full digital, with the use of tires measuring 110/70 for the front wheels, and the rear tires using size 120/70. With the naked bike look, the City Slicker looks sporty.


Sepeda motor listrik Malaysia

This Malaysian electric motorcycle is planned to be marketed in several ASEAN countries, such as Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Brunei Darussalam, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

Although it is not clear what model will enter Indonesia, this electric motorcycle is claimed to be able to run 65-95 kph, with a travel distance of 85 -120 km. And plans to open an assembly plant in Indonesia.

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5.PCX Hybrid & E- Vino

What is surprising is that Japanese manufacturers are considered very relaxed with electric motorcycle technology. Japanese manufacturers have so far no news of releasing their products to compete in electric motorcycles. Even though Japan is the largest motorcycle center, because of the existence of Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki. , and Kawasaki.

Japan has just issued a PCX Hybride electric motorcycle, but electric motorcycles are only for fleets or rented to online motorcycle taxis, not to be marketed to consumers. And Yamaha had introduced the E-Vino type but it was only at the prototype stage.

Do Japanese manufacturers let the electric vehicle market be controlled by manufacturers from China? Or Japan is making big surprises in the future? We look forward to the latest news.***

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