10 Important Tips For Caring For Your Own Washing Machine

Multymeter.comTake a minute to maintain the washing machine so that the washing machine can last a long time, and does not make a lot of noise.

Here are tips for doing treatments that even a woman can do, because the work is actually easy to do on a daily basis.

1.Placement of washing machine

Place the washing machine in a room with good air circulation and light, this helps stabilize the washing machine temperature, so it doesn’t overheat quickly. And don’t position the washing machine in damp or wet places, to avoid damage to parts that should not be exposed to water such as cable parts and other electronic component parts.

2. Check the plug cable section

It’s a good idea to check the plug cable before connecting to the wall outlet. Make sure the cable is not damaged or chipped to avoid the danger of electric shock. The scuffed / chipped cable can be caused by rat bites or friction because the cable has started to rot.

3.Don’t force capacity

Each machine has a standard size of usage capacity, this aims not to impose performance on mechanical parts, such as dynamos, and gearboxes. The use of washing machines with excessive capacity will shorten the life of the dynamo, gearbox and other electronic component devices.

4.Don’t force stop the timer

The function of the timer is to set the washing time. Avoid turning off the timer by force, especially the timer on a manual washing machine, which uses a gear system that breaks easily.

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5.Clean the tube and filter after use

This stage is to avoid dirt that has accumulated, and metal objects such as coins that can block and hinder the smooth rotation of the washing machine.

6. Drain pipe cleaning

To avoid clogged pipes, and also check for leaks.

7. Avoid the PCB/mainboard from water

The electronic panel on all washing machines is sensitive to liquid, because it can cause a short. Even though the panel is tightly protected, it is better to keep it dry.

8. Don’t keep clothes too long

To keep the rubber seal loose, which causes leakage and then seeps and enters into where the dynamo is located, this can cause the enamel cable coil on the dynamo coil to be shot quickly because it is porous exposed to water.

9.Use the washing machine setting according to the type of clothing

In modern washing machines there are settings for the type of fabric to be washed, please follow the instructions.

10. Remove the plug from the outlet

Unplugging the washing machine plug is considered safer than the plug remaining connected to the wall outlet, even though the plug is equipped with a switch.

Applying the 10 steps above, hopefully your washing machine can last longer, don’t forget to keep it out of reach of children.***

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