Goodbye Removable Battery… Technicians Must Be Disappointed – Using a cellphone battery at first can be installed easily, so you don’t need to need a technician just to replace the battery, because in the smartphone era this model is no longer valid. Because smartphones now use removable batteries.

New regulations for the use of replaceable or removable smartphone or smartphone batteries have been echoed again. The new regulation encourages smartphone manufacturers (original equipment manufacturers/OEMs) to return to using removable batteries by the user.

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The regulation aims to make all types of cell phone and laptop batteries easier to remove and replace. The regulation also seeks to provide consumers with better information about batteries purchased via labels and QR codes, such as capacity, performance, durability and chemical composition.

The European Union has proposed new regulations to make batteries more sustainable and reusable. The regulation also stipulates the minimum levels of recycled materials required in producing new batteries, which are 16% cobalt, 85% lead, 6% lithium and 6% nickel.

Quoted from the xda-developers page, Wednesday (28/12/2022), the EU press release on this matter reveals that the new regulation will apply not only to portable batteries. This includes SLI batteries (supplying power to start, light or ignite vehicles), light transportation equipment (LMT) batteries such as electric scooters and bicycles, electric vehicle (EV) batteries and industrial batteries.

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However, manufacturers have three and a half years after the law is passed to design portable or removable batteries. The requirement to use portable, replaceable batteries will be a challenge for tech giants like Apple and Samsung.

This is because most of the smartphones and laptops on the market today come with a non-removable battery. So the regulations forced these companies to rethink product design and bring back the use of removable batteries in smartphones and laptops easily.***

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