Tips for Buying Used, Reconditioned and Refurbished Mobile Phones

Multymeter.comMobile phones have become a primary need, so that the production of cellphones is unstoppable. The production process is to issue the latest series of brand products from each factory with varied prices, from cheap to quite expensive prices. In addition to communicating, cellphones are often used to play games, because of this now cellphones have become more sophisticated in every cellphone product that is produced, now manufacturers are no longer only targeting cellphones just to communicate, but are already aiming for the target for game lovers.

The price of mobile phones with multifunctional and sophisticated features, of course there is a price that supports it, namely the price is more expensive, especially since the released cellphones are high specs that can compensate for heavy games, that’s where the price is determined.

To outsmart getting a high-spec cellphone at a cheaper price, the solution includes buying used cellphones that are still worth using which are easier to get in cellphone shops, and those sold in online store market places.

However, buying a used cellphone requires maximum accuracy, especially if you buy a cellphone at an online store, you need to be vigilant so you don’t feel cheated. Because buying a used cellphone means being ready to get a used cellphone from:

1. Used cell phone for personal use

The seller is usually not a trader or a technician.

2. Reconditioned mobile phone

Which is sold by a trader, as well as a technician.

3. Refurbished cell phone

Which are generally sold by cellphone traders / shops

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What is the difference between reconditioned and refurbished cellphones?

1.Reconditioned Cellphone

Reconditioned cellphones are cellphones that are damaged and repaired by a technician/serviceman. Damages are repaired by replacing damaged parts with new parts. For example, those that are damaged in the memory emmc, lcd, touchscreen, etc.

The price of reconditioned cellphones is indeed much cheaper, and sometimes there are no defects in physical appearance, almost like a new cellphone, because sometimes replacing the entire chasing on the cellphone engine.

2. Refurbished cellphone

Refurbished cellphones are actually not suitable to be called used cellphones, because refurbished cellphones are original cellphones that were accidentally produced, repaired by the factory directly from each brand, and of course there is an official warranty, and is equipped with all accessories in a sealed box.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Buying Reconditioned and Refurbished Mobile Phones

• Recondition

The advantage of buying a reconditioned cellphone, there must be some parts that are replaced with new parts, and sometimes the appearance is almost flawless, at a much cheaper price. But on a cellphone, the LCD is the heart, so damage to the LCD is quite expensive damage, and even though many LCDs are sold in the market, but their durability cannot last as long as the original LCDs installed on the cellphone. I even experienced the replacement of 2 LCDs in a matter of months, for one cellphone.

The original lcd is the lcd that was installed at the time of purchasing a new cellphone. Indeed, there are many lcd circulating in the market that claim to be original, but not the original output from the manufacturer of the cellphone brand, because the manufacturer of the respective brand has not yet issued a special lcd product. So it is recommended avoid buying a cellphone that has changed the lcd. And it’s better if you just replace the touchscreen, but the lcd is still original from the cellphone.

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Even though there are sales of reconditioned cellphones circulating in the market, most of them don’t say anything honestly, they only say used cellphones, and fatally admit to selling new or refurbished cellphones, for that consumers must be careful in transactions.

• Refurbished Mobile

If the seller is honest, the cellphones that they sell are refurbished, it’s better to buy a refurbished cellphone, because they are still working on it from the factory, so it’s more secure, because there is an official guarantee even though the time period is shorter. With a cheaper price than the original, but still sometimes there are slight scuffs on the chasing side, the most important thing is to find a trustworthy shop/seller.


For Iphone smartphone users who buy from used, can check through the Iphone model code, in the following way:

1.Open the “settings” application

2. Select the section ” General Menu “

3. Click the “About” section

There you will find a list of information about the cellphone, device name, software version and cellphone model number.

• If your phone’s model number starts with the letter “M”, it means that the phone was purchased by an Apple store.

• If the phone model number begins with the letter “F” it means the phone is refurbished from Apple.

• If it begins with the letter “P”, it means that the phone that was ordered in a custom manner has a special sign.

• And if the model number of the cellphone begins with the letter “N”, which means that the cellphone is an Iphone replacement product that was purchased because there was a problem with the cellphone.

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For users of the latest Android smartphones, it can be checked using an application that can be downloaded on the Playstore (example: Phone Info), then enter the phone model number in the application, and there you will know the authenticity of the cellphone.

And as a complement, to check the type of android phone (under Android 4.0) you can go through the keypad menu, press ##786# or ##786##, the result:

• Yes: The phone has been updated (reconditioned)

• No : The phone is not the result of reconditioning.

This article is the result of personal experience, and which is completed from several sources which are summarized in this article, hopefully it will be useful for all of us.***

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