Now the Polytron Brand Is Not Only Producing Electronic Products, The Polytron Evo Electric Motorcycle Is Ready To Be Marketed In Indonesia, Will It Be Exported?

Multymeter.comWhat comes to your mind with the name ” Polytron ” ? Surely your answer is “Electronic Brand” right? It’s not wrong if you say Polytron is one of the brands of electronic products in Indonesia. Polytron is one of the long-standing manufacturers in Indonesia who is accustomed to producing various kinds of electronic goods, such as; Television, Tape, wardrobe ice, washing machines, and others. And the most memorable thing in the 80’s, Polytron had issued its best product at that time, namely Tape Deck. If you know this history, it means you are old now, hehe…

In 2022, electric vehicles are being intensively promoted, along with the promotion of environmentally friendly vehicles, which are starting to switch from emission vehicles to zero emissions. So starting with several conventional vehicle manufacturers, they also produce electric vehicles in the form of cars or motorcycles.

With the market opportunity that has begun to stretch, Polytron also takes part in this zero-emission vehicle competition, as evidenced by the launch of a product that is not usually produced, Polytron issued an electric vehicle in the form of an electric bicycle, which has been named the “Polytron Evo”.

Polytron, which is under the auspices of PT. Hartono Istana Technology, decided to make an electric vehicle in 2018, so that it can be promoted this year, with the Polytron Evo brand. power of 3,000 watts / 4Hp.

With Polytron’s participation in releasing its electric motorcycle, it is hoped that it can reduce prices, so that the selling price of electric vehicles can reach the wider community, because in general electric vehicles so far the price can be said to be much more expensive, than conventional vehicles.***

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