Solar Panel Installation Costs, & How to Calculate

Multymeter.comPANEL Solar is a panel installation system that can store energy from sunlight, which can then be used as a power plant. Currently, many have used this solar panel as an independent power plant.

If you are interested in using solar panels in your home or building, you should know in advance how to calculate the cost of installing solar panels. As described below:

1.Calculating the use of electrical energy loads.

• Calculate the electricity requirement for the load at home that will be supplied by solar panels. From the electricity bill, it can be seen the level of consumption in the form of kWh (kilowatt per hour) every month for example. So from there we can identify how many kWh are needed each day, for example 250 watts.

• How many hours do you use a 250 watt load per day? Take, for example, 12 hours in a day. So the use of electrical loads on a daily basis is: 250 watts x 12 hours = 3,000 watts/day.

  1. The number of batteries needed. In the installation of solar panels To determine the number of batteries that will supply the solar panel load, about 20% of the total load of 3,000 watts must be added. So the calculation is: 3,000 x 20% = 3,600 watts. The 20% load is for inverter needs as a DC (Direct Current) converter into AC (Alternating Current) because in general, household appliances use AC current, and a controller (as a current regulator). The total load is 3,600 watts divided by the 12 volt battery voltage. 3,600 watts: 12 volts = 300 Ampere, so if we use a 65 Ah 12 volt battery, we need 5 batteries to supply a load of 3,600 watts. Formula: 65 Ah x 12 volts x 5 batteries = 3,900 watts.
  2. Counting the Number of Solar Panels.If we use a panel that is 100 wp (watt peak), and the effectiveness of sunlight for 5 hours, then each solar panel gets as much as 500 watts. Formula: 100 wp x 5 hours = 500 watts So the number of panels needed is fulfilled as many as 8 solar panels with a size of 100 wp to supply a load of 3,900 watts. Formula: 500 watts x 8 solar panels (100 wp) = 4,000 watts
  3. Calculating Solar Panel Installation. Cost For the price of solar panels around $ 10 / watt. Prices in each region and country may be different, and can then be adjusted accordingly. So if the use of 8 100 wp solar panels is multiplied by US $ 10, the total cost required is US $ 80. This nominal does not include the calculation of 8 battrees and all other supporting parts, which most likely have a price difference in your country.
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This calculation is a daily usage for 12 hours, and if it is used below that of course it will be even more efficient, because generally the installation of solar panels is only used as a supplier of main energy auxiliary energy in every private home installation.***

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