How To See The Value Of the MCB (Miniature circuit breaker) In Home Electrical Installations

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MCB (Miniature circuit breaker) as in the picture, surely you already know everything, because this object is always in your house, yes of course it is part of the home installation, as a safety measure, which functions as a replacement for the usual fuse in the house other than the MCB in KWH PLN Meter (State Electricity Company).

In Indonesia, the need for electricity is handled by the government, named PLN (State Electricity Company). Maybe this article is not suitable for your country, but I say welcome, and thank you for visiting this blog.

Did you know? MCB can also be used for switches or switches too, usually used for high-power electrical equipment, such as water pumps, street lighting, etc., using MCB as a substitute for switches on large-power electrical equipment, because it is safer than excessive heat due to use, it is different when using a switch that is more prone to burning.

On the market there are MCBs available in several sizes, ranging from 2 Ampere, 4,6 Ampere and so on. Oh yes, for those of you who are curious, what is the MCB Watt value in a home installation? To find out the amount of Watt in electrical installations, the kit uses the formula: P = VxI

P = Watt

V = Volt

I = Ampere

MCB code is usually written C2, C4, C6, C10 etc… to determine the wattage, for example:

I x V = P

2 x 220 = 440 Watt

2 = C2 – MCB value

220 – PLN Voltage Rated

Even though the result is only 440, but we know it is 450 Watts on your home PLN power. It should be remembered that for those of you who are going to replace the MCB KWH Meter, adjust the value to the existing one, don’t replace it with a smaller one, or replace it with a bigger one, because of that a violation, you will be penalized later.

If you are going to use the MCB as a substitute for a fuse in a home electrical installation, use it with the same value as the MCB value in the KWH Meter so that if there is excess usage it can work optimally according to its function as a fuse.

And remember, never do any electrical work if you don’t understand, leave it to the experts.Thus the discussion of other functions of the MCB, look forward to the next article at a later time. Also watch the youtube video below which also discusses the same material, maybe as a complement to this blog if there are shortcomings.***

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