How to Overcome Slow Laptop Performance & All Its Causes That Should Be Avoided

Multymeter.comOwnership of a laptop device at this time is like a smartphone or cell phone which has become a primary need, no longer just a means of entertainment. This is because laptops are very useful to help us carry out various daily activities, one of which is to help with work. A laptop is an electronic device that is quite commonly used by most people. In general, most people today must be familiar with even using a laptop in his daily life.

But as time goes by, and the duration of use, it’s only natural that there are problems with its performance when used, one of which is being slow when used for a long time. The cause of a laptop being slow can occur because the storage space is full, and also because of other things.

Then how do you deal with slow laptop performance? Previously, you need to know all the causes that make your laptop slow.

1.Hard Drive Full

A hard drive that is too full with various kinds of programs, applications, data, and others is one of the slow factors for a laptop. It is necessary to note that the operating system, be it Windows or Mac, requires separate capacity for temporary files such as temporary files, swap files, fragmentation, and so on. When the capacity required by the operating system is not available, then this is what causes the laptop performance to slow down.

If the laptop’s performance is slow because the hard drive is full, the way to overcome this is of course by reducing the number of files stored. There are several ways to do this, such as deleting unimportant files, clearing caches or thumbnails, and moving all or some parts of these files to external storage.

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2.RAM Capacity

Small RAM capacity is the next cause. Because the RAM portion is not sufficient when the laptop opens or runs many programs or applications at the same time, RAM will lack capacity and affect the performance of the laptop used.

To overcome this, close programs or other applications that are not used. If you have to run them, another way is to increase RAM capacity. Currently there are many laptops on the market that have provided dual-channel slots so that users can increase RAM capacity easily.

3. There is a Virus

Virus or Malware attacks on laptops or other gadgets are the main enemies that are very annoying. Because the presence of a virus or Malware attack is one of the causes of a slow laptop that is most often experienced by most users.

The existence of viruses or malware on laptops and other electronic devices, usually appears when downloading files or programs from unsafe websites. It could also be due to accessing the laptop to transfer data.

With the infrequent updating of the laptop’s security system from viruses such as Windows defender or other antivirus, it can make the laptop slower. And viruses or malware can also damage other devices.

The need to install or update an anti-virus security system on a laptop has proven to be quite effective in overcoming slow laptop performance. Don’t forget to always scan to find hidden viruses or malware. And you also need to be careful when downloading files or transferring data to the laptop you use.

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4.Too Much Software Downloaded

It’s easy to get software, programs, or laptop applications that are quite cheap, and even free on the internet, thus making them unaware of the existence of storage space on a laptop that is no longer possible. Moreover, software that is downloaded in large quantities, and a lot, can go wrong. one cause of a slow laptop, because the software will turn on and the program runs continuously. If you have this, the laptop’s RAM will be full and often experience interference. To overcome this, it is enough to only install software that is really needed and remove software that is not too important to use.

5.Harddisk Already Too Old

To overcome the causes of slow laptops because the age of the hard disk is too old, it is better to immediately replace the hard disk with the latest version. Before doing that, it is necessary to copy important data to other storage media, to avoid losing the data. Furthermore, you can also use HDD or SSD for much better performance. That way, the cause of a slow laptop will be resolved easily.

The importance of replacing a hard drive that is too old, because any electronic device must have a useful life or age according to its capabilities. One of the influential components is the hard drive on the laptop. Therefore, one of the causes of a slow laptop is because the storage media or hard drive is old, so it doesn’t function normally. ***

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