These 5 Apple Products That Have Been Stopped Production, Here’s the List… Apple every year releases its newest products to the market, and also Apple has slowly killed several of its predecessor products, ipad, macbook, Apple Watch, iPhone, iPod, Airpods and others, each of which has a variant that can be an option for its users.

The following are some products that are no longer being produced as reported by Macrumors in 2022:

1.Apple TV HD

Along with the launch of the third generation of Apple TV 4K in October, Apple has now discontinued the older Apple TV HD model that was first introduced in 2015.

The latest Apple TV 4K releases start at US$129 or around Rp. 2 million, while the Apple TV HD that is currently on the market is valued at $149 or around Rp.2.3 million before production was discontinued.

The Apple TV HD was originally launched as the fourth generation Apple TV, but was later renamed Apple TV HD. The Apple TV HD is a streaming device that is limited to 1080p video quality and is the first Apple TV to feature tvOS, the App Store, and a remote.

2. iPod touch
Apple officially announced to stop producing the iPod touch last May, and the device was removed from the list on Apple’s website in June. The possible stoppage of production is due to Apple’s latest operating system, iOS 16 being incompatible with any iPod touch model, marking the end of compatibility software for such portable music players. After all, there are various products from Apple which are now equipped with music players, such as iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, HomePod mini, and others. For the last generation, the iPod touch itself was introduced in May 2019.

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3. Apple Watch Edition

Coinciding with the launch of the new Apple Watch Ultra with a titanium casing in September, and the Apple Watch Edition was immediately discontinued by Apple. The Apple Watch Edition itself has been available on the market since the launch of the Apple Watch in 2015. This model has been distinguished for years by the appearance of high-end casing materials such as gold, ceramic and titanium. Now the Apple Watch Ultra is the only model to offer a titanium case, while the Hermès model is still available as a luxury option.

4. iMach 27-inch

iMac By introducing its newest products, namely the Mac Studio and Studio Display last March, Apple stopped production for the 27-inch iMac product. The last 27-inch iMac released is an iMac model that uses an Intel processor. The discontinuation of the iMac Pro last year, leaving only the 24-inch iMac with the M1 chip currently the only all-in-one desktop computer sold by Apple.

5. 5W power adapter

Apple has stopped its production of 5W charger devices for iPhone in the United States (US) around August, because power adapters have been sold out since then. Apple previously included 5W chargers for a number of devices, from iPhone 3G to iPhone 11. Although the charger has gone through minor revisions over the years, and partly due to recalls made in certain countries. Unlike Apple’s recent USB-C chargers, the 5W charger is equipped with a USB-A port, but this charger is not capable of charging power fast. The latest charger devices are starting to appear for the iPhone 11 Pro model, namely the 18W USB-C type charger which has the ability to charge faster. But not too long ago, Apple stopped including chargers on the iPhone 12 and other recent series. ***

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