These 2 easy tricks can improve the condition of hard and stiff refrigerator rubber, try it….

Multymeter.comA refrigerator is a household appliance that uses regular refrigeration to process food preservation and cool beverages. At least 99.5% of the population in the United States already owns a refrigerator. How it works The refrigerator uses a phase change heat pump that operates on a refrigeration cycle.

Knowing how to take care of your refrigerator is very important. Because as it ages, the refrigerator can become a piece of furniture prone to damage. This damage can come from several components, one of which is the refrigerator rubber on the door.

The rubber on this part has several functions, which include acting as an adhesive for the refrigerator door and body, dampening the sound of the refrigerator door closing, preventing air from being exchanged between the outside and inside of the refrigerator, and keeping the temperature inside the refrigerator cool very important, so if the refrigerator rubber has a problem, of course the temperature inside the refrigerator will be affected.

Over time, the refrigerator rubber will experience a decrease in quality, it will decrease flexibility, which is characterized by rigid and hard, so the refrigerator door can not be closed tightly, and this will reduce the temperature, so the refrigerator is not cooled.

Before taking the refrigerator to a service center, there is nothing wrong with trying the following trick.This trick is quite easy and can be performed by anyone who is not a child.

1. Soaking in hot water.

This method is fairly easy, but also quite troublesome, because you have to remove the rubber from the refrigerator door in order to soak it and put it back on.

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2. Heating with a lighter

Using heat from a fire to soften the refrigerator rubber is also quite effective and easy, because you don’t need to remove the rubber from the refrigerator door.

To do both methods, make sure the refrigerator plug is unplugged from the outlet.

Heat the refrigerator rubber with a lighter. Simply brush the match slowly over the stiff, hard rubber. This process must be done quickly so that the rubber does not melt.

If it gets hot, press down on the rubber to make it softer. Then repeat the process of heating and pressing the refrigerator rubber several times and test the density by closing the refrigerator door. If the rubber and the refrigerator body are perfectly bonded, it means that the rubber is flexible and back to normal.***

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