1 Tube Washing Machine, Or 2 Tubes? Customize Your Needs In These Options

Multymeter.comNow is the time for us to put technology forward in our daily life when doing something, because with technology all work usually becomes easier, and more efficient. Likewise in terms of washing clothes, technology is here.

The washing machine has become one of the mandatory things in every home. It must be admitted, the washing machine is a tool that is very helpful in household matters, especially in washing clothes. You also avoid the problem of tiredness, soreness, and cracked skin due to having to deal with a mountain of laundry. In general, there are 2 types of washing machines on the market, namely the front opening type or “Front load” and the top opening or: “Top load”. The top opening type washing machine also has 2 more types, namely type 1 tube and 2 tube.

The difference between the types of 1 tube and 2 tube washing machines is sometimes an obstacle when you are going to buy a top opening type washing machine. Which is better, a 1-tube or 2-tube washing machine? Here are the advantages and disadvantages between 1-tube and 2-tube washing machines that you can compare.

1.Tube Washing Machine

As the name implies, a single tub or single tub washing machine only has 1 tub that functions as a place to wash and squeeze clothes at once. Usually, this type of washing machine can be run automatically or semi-automatically.

Advantages of 1 tube washing machine

  • Practical to use, because this washing machine can run itself automatically, in the washing process, or in the spin process.
  • Save time, so you can do other tasks, without having to check the washing process to the rinsing process.
  • There is an automatic spin process, so it dries faster.
  • Automatic and precise water filling system as needed.
  • Tends to be able to accommodate more clothes.
  • Slimmer design and takes up less space.
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Disadvantages of 1 tube washing machine

  • The use of electrical energy will be more wasteful, so it is not suitable for energy-saving planning.
  • If there is damage, the repair costs are more expensive, because the repair method is more complicated than other types.
  • The dynamo motor will be damaged faster, because it has one tube used for 2 functions at once; washing stage, and spiner stage.
  • How to operate is more complicated, so you need time to learn, and get used to the working system.
  • Heavier weight

1. 2 Tube Washing Machine

A 2 tub or twin tub washing machine has 2 separate tubs for different functions. One tube is used for washing, while the other tube is used for squeezing clothes. This washing machine is usually run manually by the user.

Advantages of 2 tube washing machine

  • The price tends to be cheaper and affordable.
  • More energy efficient, and more efficient.
  • Maintenance is cheap and easy.
  • Easier to operate.

Disadvantages of 2 tube washing machine

  • It is larger so it takes up more space than a single tube washing machine.
  • Must be under supervision to control the performance of the washing machine on a regular basis.
  • The washing process of washing, rinsing, and spinning is done manually.
  • The squeezing power of clothes tends to be not as efficient as a single tub washing machine.

Those are some of the advantages and disadvantages of a single-tube (automatic) washing machine, and a single-tube (manual) washing machine type. Then the choice is yours, make yourself happy every time.***

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