How to & Tricks to Check the Dynamo of The Washing Machine & Others

Multymeter.comOne of the problems with the washing machine is the dynamo. That is, one of them is the slow rotation, even though the dynamo axle is in normal condition, the capacitor is in normal condition and also the condition on the dynamo wire still looks good or there are no signs of burning.

That is because a short or short has occurred in the dynamo winding and most often it occurs at the meeting/stack between the main and starter windings. To be sure, we can check it by measuring the resistance of each winding, then adding up the values.

If the results of the total resistance of the main and starter windings do not match the actual values, you can be sure that the dynamo is in a short/short-circuit state.

Preparation Before Starting Checking

Before starting, of course, a tool is needed, namely a multitester, or multimeter, and also commonly called an Avometer.

How to Check Dynamo

The method :

  1. The washing machine dynamo has 2 windings, main and starter. Then one end of the two windings is connected. Generally, the cable on the washing machine is marked with a blue cable or a black cable that is directly connected to the fuse or AC power cable.

While the end of the main winding is usually marked with a brown wire, and at the end of the starter winding connected to the capacitor is marked with a gray wire. So all the wires coming out of the dynamo are three wires with three colors: blue, brown and gray.

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2 . Measurements / checks

• Measure the resistance value between the blue and brown wires. Suppose the result is found = 70 ohms.
• Measure the resistance between the blue wire and the gray wire. For example, the result = 120 ohms.
• Measure the resistance between the brown wire and the gray wire. If the dynamo is in good condition the result measured on the multitester should be 70 ohm + 120ohm = 190 ohm. If the measured value is much smaller, then you can be sure that the dynamo is short. Because with a value far from what it should be, of course this will affect the rotation speed and the dynamo will heat up quickly.

The calculation above is an example of a dynamo winding on the dryer section.
While on the washer section dynamo, the resistance distance between the two windings must be the same. Because the number of coils and the amount of wire used are the same. Because the two windings can be the main winding or a starter depending on the direction of rotation or the power source that enters the two cables (brown / gray). That’s why the two brown and gray wires all go to the capacitor, so the dynamo can rotate both ways. If the power source goes to the brown cable, the dynamo will rotate to the left and if it goes to gray, and vice versa. The displacement of the dynamo rotation is regulated by a timer.
For example, if the blue and brown wires measure 70 ohms, then the blue and gray wires must be 70 ohms too. So if we measure the BROWN and ABU2 cables, a good dynamo will measure 70 ohms + 70 ohms = 140 ohms.

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That’s a simple trick to check the condition of a washing machine dynamo or something like: blower on an air conditioner, water pump, fan etc.***

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