Avoid Using Charging Stations in Public Places To Avoid This Hazard

Multymeter.comFree charging stations (charging stations) are now widely found in public places such as stations, airports, shopping malls, so they can make it easier for people to charge their cell phones. However, lately, charging stations in public places, especially those with USB port models, are considered unsafe. This is because the USB port has the risk of becoming a place for the spread of malicious software, such as malware/malware.

The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) news also issued a warning to avoid charging cell phones at charging stations in public areas, as quoted by CBS News, Thursday (4/20/2023).

The FBI also revealed that malicious actors had found a way to inject malware and cell phone surveillance software into USB ports available at charging stations.

As such, the FBI recommends that it is best for users to bring their own charging cables and adapters and then plug them into outlets in public areas, including charging stations, to be safer and avoid this danger.

In addition to bringing their own charging equipment, another way is for smartphone users to bring their own power bank to charge the cell phone battery.

Technically, hackers inject malware into cell phones when using charging stations in public places, so they can steal personal or confidential data stored on cell phones. This practice is called Juice Jacking, which is a security attack targeting USB-connected devices.

The main component that plays a role in this practice is the USB port that is connected to charge the cell phone, so hackers are likely to connect the USB slot used to different devices.

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Therefore, when a user connects their cell phone to one of these charging ports, their cell phone becomes vulnerable and can become a target for data theft. In addition, hackers can monitor the user’s cell phone and carry out various actions, including cybercrime.***

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