By changing the engine, CRT TV (Tube) Can Capture Digital Signals Without STB

Multymeter.comLed, lcd, plasma, and similar tv’s can catch digital broadcasts, it’s a normal thing, because the latest tv outputs are generally supported by digital signal catchers. But what about CRT tv or tube tv? It’s also normal, because you can use an additional set top box (STB) device. If tube tv without STB can catch digital broadcasts? Can you…! Don’t believe it? Here’s the explanation…

Digital TV broadcasts have begun to replace analog broadcasts in several areas, and will be evenly distributed throughout Indonesia gradually. Digital TV broadcasts promise clear picture and sound appearance. For analog TV owners, such as CRT TV or better known as tube tv, or old led, lcd, and plasma tvs that do not support digital tv broadcasts must add additional set top box (STB) devices, so they can support digital signals.

Rarely known to the public, in fact tube tv can now be used as a digital tv without having to add an STB device, which must require an additional place to put it, and also of course the electrical load at home. By replacing the existing machine / mainboard tv by replacing it with a digital tv machine. Digital tv machines that have started circulating in the market are an alternative so that there is no need to replace old tvs by buying new ones.

Replacement of an analog tv machine to a digital tv machine, it is better to use a tv that is damaged in the tv carrier machine, so that the replaced tv engine is not wasted because it still functions normally. rather than being sold to a thrift dealer.

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There are two sizes of tv machines sold in the market, for example; tv machine size 14-21 inches, which means this tv machine can be installed on tv from size 14 to 21 inches only. The price of this tv size is sold from 200 to 300 thousand. And tv machines size 21 to 29 inches, which means tv machine this is for tv sizes 21 to 29 inches. The price of this tv machine is more expensive, up to 450 thousand.

The disadvantage of replacing a tv engine is that there may be a change in the buttons, for its function there is no problem.

For those of you who are planning, and buying a tv machine, you can get it at the Shopee shop below. And make sure your tv includes a tube, flat, or slim tv, to match the new tv machine.***

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