These 7 Technologies That Distinguish Android Tv and Smart Tv, Similar But Not the Same…

Many users don’t know the difference between Android TV and Smart TV. This is important to know before deciding to buy it, because one of the two may suit their needs. Because these two types of TV are actually very different.

The difference between smart TV and Android TV is not very visible, because both of them use an internet connection to be able to watch broadcasts. So there are those who think that Android TV is a smart TV that only uses an Android operating system. By definition, there is a point, with similarities, but there are still some differences between the two.

Definition of Smart TV and Android TV

Smart TV or also often called internet TV is a TV that is generally used to watch shows. However, to watch shows requires an internet connection. Apart from these functions, smart TVs can also watch online content, aka streaming in various applications, such as YouTube, streaming Amazon Prime Video , to Netflix. Because of the multi-function, you can not only watch analog broadcasts, so this TV is called Smart TV.

By having an operating system which is generally in the form of Tizen OS and WebOS, so that smart TVs can access various digital content

This is the fundamental difference with Android TV. Simply put, Android TV is a smart TV because it has the same function, but has a different operating system because Android TV uses the Android system.

The difference between Smart TV and Android TV

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After discussing the definitions of the two TVs, here are some differences between smart TV and Android TV, starting from the appearance, OS, to features to support their operation.


The appearance of Smart TV is generally simpler and easier for users to understand. Because Smart TV’s operating system is not much different from analog TV, so users can adjust more easily and quickly.

That said, smart TVs are more ‘friendly’ to users. Meanwhile, the Android TV display is more complex. Especially if you have never used the Android system on other devices, such as mobile phones (cell phones) before.

2. Arrangement

Display on Android TV can be made simpler if you can arrange it. However, this requires a process, namely setting it up manually. Unlike smart TVs, which don’t require any more settings because generally smart TVs are arranged according to the default system. So, smart tv can be used immediately.


Android TV from an application perspective can be said to be superior to smart TV. Because applications on smart TVs are built-in applications from the system. For example, if you buy a smart TV with Netflix and YouTube applications already available, you can use these two applications. But if the application is not available, you cannot access the application.
Because users cannot add applications to smart TVs, while Android TV can be equipped with any application they want by downloading it because Android TV uses a system connected to the Google Play Store.

This applies to other streaming applications that you want to use, all you have to do is download them on the Google Play Store, so you can add them as needed. The choice of applications on the Google Play Store is also very large, although some are free and paid.

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4.Operating system

Smart TV uses an operating system where all existing applications cannot be updated (updated). For example, if YouTube releases the latest version of its application, users cannot update it. Meanwhile, all applications on Android TV can be updated via access to the Google Play Store to update the latest version of the application.


Sound is the differentiator of the two TVs which is the strengths and weaknesses of the next smart TV and Android TV. Android TV is generally equipped with a microphone feature, with a microphone, users can use the Google Assistant service to give commands to the TV using voice. This feature may not be found on smart TVs. Because users usually have to keep using the remote and typing on the keyboard feature which is also on Android TV..Smart TV users may be able to control voice commands by adding additional devices.

6. Remote

Smart TV has a remote design and function that is generally similar to analog TV. But control of all features is included in the remote. Meanwhile, Android TV sometimes requires two remotes with different functions, one remote to access analog TV and another remote to access digital content.


The Bluetooth feature on Android TV is available, which can make it easier for users to connect additional devices such as a wireless keyboard or mouse. And also with Chromecast, which is a technology from Google that can connect two devices. Because this is what makes the difference between smart TV and Android TV, because smart TV requires additional devices to bring up its connection features, for example USB cables, HDMI and others, and requires a time-consuming process. ***

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