Easy Ways to Fix Striped Mobile Screens

Multymeter.comNo matter how sophisticated the smartphone is, sooner or later there will definitely be problems with its performance.Of the various problems that occur, one of them is on the hardware side, such as parts of the screen suddenly experiencing interference. Starting from a suddenly black or blank screen to a vertical or horizontal line appearing.

The cause of the screen error can be caused by several factors, factors such as the age of the cell phone that is too old, because it is dropped or crushed can be the cause of the appearance of lines on the cell phone screen and other causes such as errors in the hardware components or damaged software.

To fix all these problems, cell phones are usually taken directly to the cell phone manufacturer’s service center or the services of a cell phone technician are used.

But before taking it to the service center, it is better to try to repair it yourself, because the damage may not be too severe and you may be able to do it yourself.

The following are steps that may be helpful in solving your cell phone screen problem and, of course, you don’t need technical equipment.

The first way you can try is to reset the cell phone. Resetting the cell phone will fix several minor problems that occur on your cell phone. After rebooting the phone, enable safe mode.

By enabling safe mode, the device will check to see if there are certain applications that are causing problems with the operating system to cause a scratched screen.

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If it fails in this way, try charging the cell phone.The way to deal with a scratched cell phone screen can be done by fully charging the cell phone. You can try to fully charge the cell phone.

If charging still fails, press the screen.One of the causes of a scratched HP screen could be due to the cell phone being bumped or dropped. Try to slowly and gently press part of the line with a finger. Press gently so as not to damage the device further. Operating system repair Another reason why a vertical line appears on the screen could also be due to an Android phone operating system that has an older version. The solution is to download the latest version of the operating system.

On Android phones like Xiaomi you can update MIUI as in the steps in the following article. It is claimed that factory reset, factory reset or factory reset can overcome several errors. One of them is an error because the software is damaged and causes a scratched screen, however, this method is not recommended, as doing a factory reset will cause your data to be lost completely. If you want to try this, first make a backup of all your data.

If all of the above steps do not work, you should take your cell phone to a service center to replace the LCD screen.***

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