Success in electric cars, Tesla is now producing this sophisticated robot

Multymeter.comHumanoid is the name of a robot manufactured by an electric car company, Tesla.The sophistication of this robot is that it looks more like a human. The humanoid robot has received several changes to its physique and abilities since it was first displayed last year.
The advantages of the Tesla Bot are shown in the video presented by Tesla CEO Elon Musk at the shareholder meeting. Elon Musk admitted that his team only worked on the video the night before the event.

Tesla Bot was shown in public last year at a Tesla AI Day event. At that time, Tesla only showed a ‘naked’ version of the prototype robot without the outer shell so that all the internal components were visible.

Tesla’s robot can only walk very slowly and carefully on stage. Other than that, Tesla also showed a robot that is physically more complete, but that unit must be assisted to stand using a stand and can only wave to the audience.

Now Tesla is showing a robot that is physically more complete and able to move on its own. A Tesla Bot can even lift objects from one container and place them in a second container.

In addition, Tesla’s video also features other types of upgrades, including torque control, environmental discovery and memorization, object manipulation, and AI training of human movements.

In its first demo, Tesla also showed off some of the Tesla Bot’s specs and capabilities, such as an all-day battery, support for Wi-Fi and LTE networks, the ability to lift loads of up to 9 kilograms, and Autopilot. technology.

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Although it appears to be getting closer to Musk’s vision, it is not yet known when Tesla will produce this robot. For the selling price, Elon Musk himself plans to sell this robot at a price of USD 20,000. ***

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