How to Install Smartphone to TV to Enjoy Entertainment – Enjoying entertainment is now easier, with just a smartphone/cell phone everything can be done, however, with a small phone screen size, it is not uncommon for user experience to access entertainment to be unsatisfactory. What’s more, when used for watching videos or movies, users are often a bit annoyed because they have to hold the cell phone so that it doesn’t fall down.

To overcome these limitations, you can connect your smartphone/cell phone to a TV, such as a Smart TV, to make the screen display wider and watching movies more comfortable. Connecting a Smartphone/HP to Smart TV is quite easy.

Users no longer need additional cables for connections between cell phones and Smart TVs. Still, to connect a cell phone to a Smart TV there are several conditions that need to be fulfilled.

The following are the preparations that need to be made to enjoy smartphone broadcasts on Smart TVs.

Requirements for connecting a cell phone to a SmartTV Make sure that the cell phone provides a Screen Mirroring function that allows the cell phone screen to be streamed to the TV screen. You can first check the availability of features through the guide for each cell phone.

Make sure you have a WiFi network that is useful for wirelessly connecting your cell phone to a TV. Make sure your TV also supports HDMI and USB connections. You must have an HDMI dongle device to connect the TV to WiFi.

Dongles are usually available in various marketplaces at relatively cheap market prices. Then, download and install the Screen Mirroring application on your cellphone, such as Miracast, which can be downloaded from the Play Store (Android) or the App Store (iOS). The Screen Mirroring application usually adjusts its compatibility with HDMI dongle devices. .

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Users can check the app’s compatibility in the device’s manual. After meeting all the requirements, you can start connecting your cell phone to a Smart TV without using cable.

How to connect your cell phone to a Smart TV First turn off your TV. Connect the HDMI connector on the dongle to an available port on the TV. Then connect the USB connector on the dongle to an available port on the TV so that it can be turned on. Connect the WiFi cable from the dongle to the port on the router device.

After all connections are properly installed, turn on the Smart TV and switch the display input to the HDMI connection.

Each TV has different settings for switching the input to the HDMI display. Follow the method according to the instructions provided by your Smart TV. After input to the HDMI display, the Smart TV system will read and show that there is an HDMI dongle device that was connected before.

Next, open the Miracast app on your cell phone that was downloaded and installed earlier. Click on the “Connect” option on the home page of the app. Select the name of the HDMI dongle that was connected to the TV and WiFi network. Wait a few moments until the application successfully connects your cell phone and TV. If successful, your TV screen will display an image according to the cell phone screen.

Now you can watch movies or videos more freely with a wider screen on Smart TV. This is how HP connects to Smart TV. Hope this will help.***

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