MIUI will be Replaced by HyperOS, this is the Working System

Multymeter.comXiaomi CEO Lei Jun announced the functionality of the HP system as part of HyperOS. New MIUI will be available in late 2023 in China

HyperOS is an operating system compatible with Android and Xiaomi. HyperOS started on 17 October 2023 with MIUI and the previous Xiaomi operating system. HyperOS made its global debut with the Xiaomi 14 series of intelligent telephones.

HyperOS has evolved from MIUI, with focus on privacy, privacy and privacy. HyperOS offers a perfect integration with other features that integrate the Xiaomi operating system.

While not much information is known about HyperOS yet, some of the features rumoured to be coming to HyperOS include:

Feature Update :HyperOS utilises the MIUI operating system and becomes active at 20%.
Better security and privacy: HyperOS is claimed to include a number of new security and privacy features, such as whole disc encryption and enhanced fraud protection.
Better integration with other Xiaomi devices and services:
HyperOS is promised to provide users with a more perfect experience, con la better integration with other Xiaomi devices and services, such as Mi Home y Xiaomi Cloud.

Moreover, HyperOS also functions with the operating system, and you can use HyperOS to use MIUI and the operating system separately from Android and iOS.***

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