10 Popular Cameras in the World You Might Not Expect, Are They Popular in Your Country?

Multymeter.comThere are many cameras on the market with different price points that can make it easier for people to choose.Camera types are now common with various types ranging from cell phone cameras, DSLR cameras, mirrorless cameras and others.

Referring to the analysis results of SimpleGhar site, a site that provides a “buying guide” analyzes the hashtags of camera brands that appear the most in 470 million photos on Flickr.

Of the various camera models out there, the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV camera and the Apple iPhone 11 camera are the two most used cameras in the world.

Users often add hashtags to the camera brand used to take photos uploaded to Flickr. As a result of the analysis and ranking, the camera model that appears the most in the hashtags receives the title of most used camera by SimpleGhar.

Flickr is known as a popular photo and video service. Flickr is said to have over 10 billion photos uploaded by over 100 million users.

The Canon EOS 5D Mark IV is the most popular standalone camera in the world, with 11 761 586 hashtags on Flickr.

SimpleGhar also details the top 10 most popular cameras in the world according to photo hashtags on Flickr. In it as follows:

1.Canon EOS 5D Mark IV – 11 761 586 photos

2. Sony A7 III – 9 094 495 photos

3. Canon EOS 5D Mark III – 8 582 013 photos

4. Nikon D750 – 7 948 418 photos


5. Canon EOS R6 – 7 771 421 photos

6. Canon EOS R5 – 6 760 882 photos

7. Canon EOS 7D Mark II photos – 6,12 8,420 photos

8. Nikon D850 – 5 741 164 photos

9. Canon EOS 6D – 5 732 466 photos

10. Canon EOS 6D Mark II – 5 335 198 photos.

In addition to detailing the most used camera models in the world, Flickr also details the most used cameras in each country The method it uses is to analyze around 5,000 recent sample photos uploaded to Flickr in each country.

The Canon EOS 5D Mark IV is said to rank first and is used in 38 countries, including the United States, Finland, Colombia, Portugal, Morocco, Kenya and Ethiopia.

The Canon EOS 5D Mark III camera is the most popular camera model used in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.

As we know, cameras are now embedded in cell phones or smartphones, and because of that, below is a list of cell phone cameras that are widely used around the world, cited from SimpleGhar data. The first position is occupied by the iPhone 11, which is the most popular on Flickr, with a total of 13,212,135 hashtags.

Not only that, the other 9 iPhone models also complete the list of the top 10 HP cameras with the most hashtags on Flickr, as follows: iPhone 11 with photo results: 13,212,135 photos, iPhone 13 Pro with photo results: 11,757,144 photos.

iPhone 13 Pro Max: 11 485 692 photos, iPhone 12 Pro Max: 10 889 808 photos, iPhone 12 Pro: 10 095 086 photos iPhone 12: 7 755 267 photos, iPhone SE: 7 332 232 photos,

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Quoted from SimpleGhar, Sunday (7/2/2023), iPhone 12 camera results most uploaded on Flickr as Indonesia, for countries Singapore: iPhone 8 Plus, Malaysia: iPhone SE, Philippines: iPhone 13 Pro Max, Vietnam: iPhone 7.

The above list is based on the number of hashtags each model has in millions of photos on Flickr as of March 2023.

Thus, multimeter.com‘s report for the world’s popular camera categories for 2023.***

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