Equip Your Car With MOLA N3 Pro Dashcam Camera, Monitor Your Journey…

Multymeter.com – DDPAI introduces the MOLA N3 Pro series Dashcam. A dashcam that functions as a surveillance camera like CCTV cameras for motor vehicles. So, with this, it can help vehicle owners to record unwanted events while on the road.

DDPAI was founded in 2013 and offers a variety of different Dashcam products, such as Dashcams with one camera_to record only the front, Dashcams with two front and rear cameras, Dashcams equipped with screens, front mirrors with cameras and others.

MOLA N3 Pro has dual cameras, namely a front camera and a rear camera that can record good results. It supports GPS with expandable memory up to 128 GB and support for optional 24/7 parking monitoring functions.

In addition, this camera has a wider viewing angle of up to 140 degrees. So with this camera all events, such as accidents or fraud in all modes, can be recorded and used as evidence. In addition, the MOLA N3 Pro Dashcam is also useful for recording accident events that may result in damage to the vehicle while it is parked.***

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