Introducing Two Cameras From Canon EOS R8 & EOS R50 For Your Content – Canon Global has launched two new RF-mount cameras, namely the EOS R8 (full frame) and the EOS R50 (APS-C), both with a sensor resolution of 24 MP. The EOS R8 is used as a basic but modern full-frame camera. The EOS R8 has a lighter weight, just under 500 grams. It has a similar design to the EOS RP of the past. The EOS R50 is the third filler for the APS-C segment, because previously there were R7 and R10, and this R50 is also an entry level with an affordable selling price, but still has a variety of modern features. Physically, this R50 reminds us of the EOS M50 of the past, with a simple and concise design.

Canon EOS R8

The Canon EOS R8 is perfect for photo and video professionals, content creators and enthusiasts looking for the latest affordable full-frame cameras, especially in the Canon line. The price point of the R8 is quite far from the R6/R6 II, so of course there are differences in specs, especially in terms of the in-body image stabilizer, which is absent on the R8. Some of Canon’s mainstays in the release of this R8 include 6fps shooting capability, 4K 60p video desqueeze (6K downscaling), HDR PQ and 10-bit CLog3, and Dual Pixel AF compatible Intelligent Autofocus. There is also a headphone port for audio monitoring. However, the battery size is considered unsatisfactory because it has the same small size as the EOS RP camera and there is only one UHS-II SD card slot.

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Canon EOS R50

In the APS-C RF mount segment, the Canon EOS R50 will be the most basic and affordable camera ever made. Still, support for a 24 MP sensor, 4k 30p video uncrop and 12 fps burst will make the photo or video enthusiast remain at ease when using this camera. Especially in terms of autofocus capabilities, there is no difference between the R50 and the R8, both are equally fast and intelligent in recognizing subjects. In addition, the R50 has a built-in pop-up flash. The R50 camera is expected to be in demand among young and novice content creators looking for a more affordable camera with many features. As a kit lens, for full-frame sensor coverage needs, the new RF 24-50mm f/4.5-6.3 IS STM lens is also available, which is small and affordable. For APS-C telephoto needs, Canon also released the RF-S 55-210mm f/5-7.1 IS STM lens, perfect to complement the existing kit lens, namely the RF-S 18-45mm f/4.5-6.3 IS. The Canon EOS R8 will retail for $1500 body only, or $1700 with the RF 24-50mm kit lens. The Canon EOS R50 will cost $800 with the RF 18-45mm kit lens.***

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