Samsung Targets the United States to Build the World’s Most Advanced Chip Factory

Multymeter.comDespite becoming the world’s second largest chipmaker, Samsung seems dissatisfied with this ranking. Through VP Engineering, Samsung said the company has ambitions to become the world’s largest producer. “Samsung is never satisfied with second place. As a company, we are very aggressive,” CNBC said, Monday (6/12/2023).

Currently, Samsung is also spreading its wings by expanding factories in the United States (U.S.) and aims to become the most sophisticated chipmaker in Uncle Sam’s country.

The company announced a new roadmap to increase manufacturing capacity. In 2025, Samsung will manufacture 2-nanometer chips and move to 1.4 nanometers in 2027.

The chip factory under construction is precisely in Taylor, Texas, with an investment value of US$ 17 billion. Chip production, said to be the most sophisticated in the world, will take place next year.

Previously, Samsung built a chip factory in Austin, USA in 1996. It then expanded again to the Texas city in 2007. Currently, Samsung’s Austin operations are entirely dedicated to foundries.

Samsung users in the U.S. are also mentioned not few. Many U.S. citizens are also known to use Samsung-branded cell phones, smart TVs, washing machines and refrigerators.

Samsung is also adding factories in South Korea and spending US$ 228 billion to build five factories there. The goal is to have the factories completed by 2042.***

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