15 Countries With The Highest Electricity Rates, Which Countries Are Among Them?

Multymeter.com.Electricity tariffs for some countries are not cheap, therefore many countries are campaigning for a culture of ‘saving electricity’. The price of electricity tariffs is a concern .

Denmark is a country that has the most expensive electricity tariffs compared to Germany and Belgium. Electricity for some countries is not a cheap thing, therefore many countries are campaigning for a culture of ‘saving electricity’ to apply to their citizens. In Indonesia itself the increase in electricity rates became one of the reasons for the protests of its citizens because electricity certainly concerns the lives of many people.

Following are some of the countries with the highest electricity tariffs, as quoted from Cnbc Indonesia, which in the first quarter of 2022, household electricity rates in the European Union jumped 32% compared to the previous year.

Most Expensive Electricity Rates

1. Denmark : 0.48

2. German : 0.46

3. Belgium : 0.43

4. Bermudas : 0.4

5. Cayman Islands : 0.35

6. Jamaica : 0.34

7. English : 0.34

8. Netherlands : 0.34

9. Spanish : 0.33

10. Estonia : 0.33

11. Lithuania : 0.32

12. Austria : 0.32

13. Italy : 0.32

14. Barbados : 0.31

15. Czech : 0.31

* Kwh (in US$)

Most of the highest household electricity tariffs are in Europe, such as prices in Denmark, Germany and Belgium which are more or less twice that of France and Greece. As an illustration, electricity prices in many European countries are more than double or triple the global average of US$0.14 per kilowatt-hour.

Meanwhile, in Indonesia, State Electricity Company (PLN) emphasized that electricity rates for October-December 2022 will not change from the rates for the previous quarter. In the fourth quarter of 2022 specifically for household customers, the government subsidized 450 VA and 900 VA power will still be Rp. 415 per kWh and Rp. 605 per kWh. The fixed rate also targets other customer groups. Taking into account the current conditions, the government is committed to protecting the community, therefore PLN wants to maintain people’s purchasing power, the competitiveness of the industrial and business sectors, as well as controlling inflation and strengthening the stability of the national economy. Based on the average change in the Rupiah exchange rate against the United States Dollar (US), Indonesian crude oil prices (ICP), inflation and the coal benchmark price, electricity subsidies to household customers 450-900 VA are adjusted to non-subsidized electricity rates evaluated at each once every three months. ***

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