The Installation of Solar Panels has Now Started to be Applied in Motorcycle Production Companies

Multymeter.comNew renewable energy has begun to be used for industrial areas. For example, what has been done by a motorcycle factory, PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM), which since 2014 has installed 18,270 solar panel modules. electricity of 9,477,077 kWh/year from a system capacity of 8,760 kWp installed in two factories, AHM Cikarang, and AHM Karawang, West Java, Indonesia. In addition to these two factories, solar panels have also been installed at AHM Safety Riding & Training Center Deltamas, Java. west.

As stated by GM General Affairs AHM Merry Heryana, quoted from, that all the power generated is channeled and used for the main activities of the production process and all production support activities. Utilization of solar panels as one of the company’s new renewable energy sources in the future. By installing solar panels in each of its factories, AHM claims to be able to reduce CO2 emissions by 8,246 tons per year.

The solar panel operating system used by AHM is an On Grid type with a photovoltaic system that is able to convert light from the sun and turn it into electrical energy. Furthermore, the electrical energy produced will be distributed in parallel and synchronized to various company activities that require electrical energy.

To find out how to install solar panels using the On Grid system, please visit this page: What is a Grid Tie Solar Panel? Come on..Find out the benefits, functions, and how to install it

The AHM company contributes to reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions and the threat of climate change in line with implementing its Green Energy culture and implementing Solar Photovoltaic which is supported by advanced and modern technology.***

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