Which is Superior, Between Snapdragon Processors & MediaTek Processors?

Multymeter.comSophisticated smartphones are no longer unstoppable in production, every year at least one or two of each brand releases its newest series, and of course by offering all its sophistication.

A smartphone is chosen for several reasons, for example: camera pixels, Ram capacity, Processors, and others. About camera pixels, and Ram in general already understand its functions and advantages. But for the processor, maybe most users don’t really care about it, even though the processor is an important thing. for a smartphone.

The processor is a very important component in smartphone performance, because the speed of smartphone performance is determined by the quality of the processor itself.

Comparison of the type of chipset or processor is a consideration when someone wants to buy a cellphone. The choice of processor is adjusted to the user’s needs, for example for gaming performance or other applications.

In general, smartphones in circulation are dominated by Snapdragon chipsets or processors, and Mediatek. Between the two, of course, they have advantages and also disadvantages, in terms of the price, Snapdragon is more expensive than MediaTek.

Snapdragon is a very popular processor used at this time, surpassing the Mediatek type processor which is usually installed in mid-range segment smartphones, which is currently ranked 3rd below Apple’s processors. And of course, smartphones equipped with Mediatek chipsets are sold at more affordable prices. .

The following are some of the advantages and disadvantages of Snapdragon processors

1.The best chipset on the market today with the highest Benchmark.

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2. Battery consumption is more efficient

3. Lower heat level

4. Equipped with Qualcomm’s built-in Adreno GPU chip

Suitable for gaming lovers because it has high graphics performance. Snapdragon processors are found in every smartphone segment, from low end, mid range, to high end, by offering 720G, 720G, and 662 chipsets. But unfortunately, apart from being more expensive, the performance on these chipsets is still inferior to Helio. The advantage of Snapdragon is in its productivity. Gaming lovers who need a smartphone in this class better choose the Helio G-series. However, if the smartphone is only for social media activities and watching videos, it is recommended to use Snapdragon 765G. Snapdragon is generally the processor in flagship model smartphones, which is dominated by the Snapdragon 800 series chipset, and the Snapdragon 865 occupies the top position under the Kirin 9000 chipset.

And here are the advantages and disadvantages of MediaTek processors

1.With Chipset more cores per processor which can help in computing speed.

2.Have CPU and GPU performance graphics performance above average.

3. More wasteful of battery

4. High temperature heating rate.

5. Cheaper price

MediaTek processors are generally installed in mid-range segment phones. Phones with MediaTek processors are cheaper. Mediatek has the popular Helio G90T chipset. The chipset launched on the Redmi Note 8 Pro provides the best performance of up to 60 frames per second in the PUBG Mobile game. MediaTek in mid-2022 has launched a flagship-class processor, the Dimensity 9000+, which is supported by 5G networks that combine ARMv9 CPU architecture with processing 4 nm technology.***

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