Electric Stove & Electric Induction Stove Are the Same?

Multymeter.comElectric induction stoves are very different from electric stoves, even though they both use electricity as a source of energy.

The way an electric stove works uses an element as a heat source, so that we can feel the heat if it touches the heater element. Electric stoves are still considered dangerous for us, and are not friendly from the reach of children.

How the induction cooker works is based on the principle of electromagnetic induction. The surface of the stove is susceptible to damage because it is coated with glass. Because if the glass surface is damaged or scratched, the performance of the stove will decrease. Induction hobs heat cookware directly so that the desired temperature can be reached quickly. The power source for this induction heater is a 220 volt AC power line.

The principle of operation of the induction device The principle of operation of the induction cooker is based on the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction discovered at the beginning of the 19th century.

An induction stove is a type of stove that uses an induction system to deliver heat to the cooking utensils and food on it. An induction stove uses alternating electric current that is passed through a wire inside the stove body. This current produces a magnetic field and a current that can heat the cookware on it. In simple terms, induction cookers work by heating cookware directly through magnetic induction. So, the surface of the stove is not heated, so it remains safe to touch.

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Induction stoves are highly recommended for use in household kitchens because they tend to be safer, especially when used by children and teenagers. This stove does not produce fire so the risk of gas leakage will not exist.

The shape of the induction cooker is also more modern and elegant so that it can make the kitchen look more beautiful and attractive. Its slim shape also saves more space and is safer because there is no fire.

The heat generated by the induction cooker can be received by cooking utensils up to 90% evenly with its flat shape. So that this stove is very effective, efficient, and more economical.

Induction hobs are equipped with features to increase the efficiency and safety level of the hob. Here are some features you need to know about:

  • Child lock, functions as a key lock during the cooking process, so it cannot be changed by others.
  • Timer, as an automatic regulator to turn off the stove according to a predetermined time when it will be left.
  • Security sensor, works to turn off the stove if there is a cooking utensil that is too small accidentally on the surface of the stove so that the tool remains safe and not hot
  • Cooking mode, the right choice of heat according to different types of cooking.***

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