Easy Tips for Caring for Car Batteries So that Electricity Is Not Interrupted & Longevity

Multymeter.com – Taking care of a car is not only a mechanic’s job, but car users are also obliged to do it. In fact, it should be the most concerned part because a healthy car helps its users a lot. Just like taking care of a car’s battery (accu), this job is, of course, the responsibility of the user every time he or she wants to drive. So the battery (battery) needs maintenance at all times to avoid breakdowns on the road.

So, here is an easy way to take care of a car battery from home with improvised tools.

Cyclists can also do their own maintenance on a regular basis, because the condition of the battery (accu) can suddenly deteriorate, although the maintenance is quite simple, the benefits will be enough to make the battery tree (accu) more durable. There are two types of maintenance for the battree (accu) that can be done by car users that can be done at home, namely checking the air battery (acvu) and battery terminal battery (accu).

Battery (accu) water is the element that most often damages the battery (accu), this lack of battery (accu) water is often ignored by car users, although if you can constantly maintain the water level, then the battery (accu) will last longer.

How to check the water level in a car battery (accu) is quite easy and you can do it yourself at home. There are minimum and maximum limits written on the body of the battery (bat tree). in between, no less and no more, fill water battree (accu) with pure water.


In addition to checking the water level of the battery, car users should also check the condition of the terminals. Protecting the battery terminals (accu) from corrosion can help the performance of the battery, because corrosion on the terminals can disrupt the flow of electricity, such as blocking the flow of electricity due to the battery terminal (accu) If the battery is loose, it can also cause the battery to drain quickly because the battery charging current is not optimal.

Therefore, car battery (accu) maintenance that can be done at home includes filling with water to the maximum extent, making sure that the battery (accu) terminals are properly connected and cleaning the terminals from corrosion or other impurities. ***

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