What is a Grid Tie Solar Panel? Come on..Find out the benefits, functions, and how to install it

Multymeter.comSolar power plants (PLTS) have begun to develop in recent years, as evidenced by the Indonesian government targeting electricity from PLTS of 3.6 giga watts in 2030.

Solar power plants (PLTS) can be used as alternative energy that can be applied in every home to reduce electricity dependence from PLN (State Electricity Company) which has increased payment rates. PLTS can also be combined with PLN electricity to meet the electricity needs for industrial use or private homes.

The installation of the PLTS grid tie system is very suitable to be applied to help reduce the use of electrical energy on the PLN network. The grid tie system is a system that combines energy from PLTS and energy from the main source, namely PLN, and grid tie also does not use batteries, because the electricity generated from grid tie PLTS is AC current.

Electrical energy from grid tie solar panels can be used during the day, and electrical energy from PLN can be used for night use, because the sun only occurs during the day. With this combination, of course, it can save PLN electricity costs every month.

Information :

1. Solar Panel

2.Inverter Gride Tie

3.Distribution Panel ( Box panel )

4.Main Power Source (PLN)

5.Load / Usage

Solar Panel

Solar panels / Solar Cells function to receive sunlight to produce Direct Current (DC) electrical energy. It is recommended to use a Mono Crystalline type solar cell, but this type is more expensive when compared to the Polly Crystalline type.

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• Inverter Gride Tie

A tool to convert DC (Direct Current) electricity generated by the solar cell into AC (Alternating Current).

• Box Panel

As a means of distribution of AC electric current (Alternating Current) from the Grid Tie Inverter, and AC current from the main power source / PLN (State Electricity Company).

To save costs and installation time, it is better to buy complete solar panels in the form of a package, so there is no need to search from one store to another that is not necessarily available in full.

That’s the discussion about and how to install grid-tie or on-grid-tie solar panels. Indeed, the initial installation cost is quite expensive, but for long-term use it can save electricity consumption from PLN, and of course saves monthly costs.***

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