This Is What Happens If Your Mobile Battery Charges Up To 100% Full

Multymeter.comBattery health is the duration a cell phone can be used or the ability of the battery to store power before it needs to be charged again. In the type of Lithium-ion batteries that are widely used in mobile phones today, battery health will decrease. When battery health decreases, the cellphone cannot be used for an optimal time, the power can run out quickly.
The decline in battery health can be caused because the chemical content in it is worn out due to long usage.
In addition, a decrease in battery health can also be caused by charging errors. Therefore, there are several things that should not be done when cashing a cellphone to maintain battery health so that it does not drop dramatically.
In terms of how to properly charge a cell phone to keep the battery durable, there is one suggestion that may have been quite commonly heard, which is that users should not charge their cell phones to 100 percent. This advice for some users may sound strange.
The advice seems to deny the ability of cellphones that are designed to be charged to a full 100 percent. So, why shouldn’t you charge your phone to 100 percent?

The advice actually has the following reasons are explanations of the reasons not to charge the cellphone to 100 percent so that the battery can last longer before needing to be replaced with a new one.
Reasons not to charge your cell phone to 100 percent
The advice about not being able to charge your phone to 100 percent is basically related to the process of charging the battery from empty to full condition and the amount of voltage contained in the charging process.
In general, charging consists of two processes, namely charging from 0-80 percent and continuing to 80-100 percent. Quoted from Android Authority, at 80-100 percent charging, there is a high electric voltage. The voltage on the battery will gradually increase to 100 percent full power.
High electrical voltage can overload the battery and can slightly accelerate the decline in the battery’s ability to store power. Therefore, the reason why you should not charge your cell phone to 100 percent is to avoid the battery receiving high voltage and eventually it can slightly accelerate the decline of battery health.
Meanwhile, a low voltage can reduce the battery load and can slightly extend the battery life. A good voltage that can slightly extend battery life is in the range of 30-80 percent.
With such electrical voltage conditions in charging, it is not surprising that there is an opinion that advises users to charge their cellphones up to 80 percent only.

That’s the explanation of why you shouldn’t charge your cellphone to 100 percent. Please note, the suggestion not to charge the cellphone to 100 percent and it is better to unplug it when it is 80 percent is actually not a single suggestion.

Some cell phone manufacturers do not provide recommendations on charging limits to maintain battery health. You can charge your cell phone to 100 percent So, can you charge your cell phone to 100 percent? In terms of maintaining battery health, several HP manufacturers do not prohibit users from fully charging it to 100 percent.

If you take a closer look at the official websites of handset manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung and Google Pixel, none of them indicate that charging should be done up to what percentage. That is to say, users can charge cell phones up to 100 percent. Meanwhile, in terms of maintaining the health of cell phone batteries, instead of focusing on the upper charging limit, both Apple, Samsung and Google even emphasize one of the factors that can drastically reduce battery health. That factor is excessive heat temperature.

On the cell phone manufacturer’s website, users are advised to keep their cell phone away from extreme heat exposure. Heat in the cell phone can come from several sources. For example, charging while playing with a cell phone, charging on the condition that the cell phone is wearing a protective cover (case) or is in a warm place (exposed to direct sunlight).

High temperatures can basically accelerate the drastic decline in battery health. It is recommended to avoid actions or sources that heat the cell phone to make the battery last longer. In some cell phones, for example the iPhone, there is now a feature that prevents a temperature rise from charging.

When the iPhone is charging, under certain conditions, charging can automatically stop at 80 percent because a rise in temperature is detected.

According to the above explanation, charging more than 80 percent is legal, especially when the user wants to use the cell phone for a long time and is out of the room.

When referring to the exposition from the official websites of various cell phone manufacturers, in order to maintain battery health, users should keep cell phones away from high temperatures, which includes avoiding charging while playing with cell phones.***

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