Understand This Battree Production Code To Avoid Fake Battree

Multymeter.comThe battery (accu) in motor vehicles has a very important function for electricity, such as helping to start the engine as starting power, horn, lighting or turn signal, among others.The existence of a production code must be fixed on the battery body for a specific purpose by the manufacturer.

Regardless of what the actual purpose is, the user can use the production code to choose a battery. As is well known, the battery (accu) has a short service life of only about 2 years of use.

This condition also applies to bat trees that have not been used, but in which chemical reactions have occurred.

In addition, the production code can also be used to avoid buying a new battery with a reconditioned one. As you know, there are unscrupulous battery stores that sell reconditioned batteries with new condition.

The battery production code can be used to detect the age of the battery when buying a new battery. In this way, users can get a battery that is not too old or an old battery, as battery components do not last long. On average, only 2 years.

By knowing the age of the battery to be purchased, the buyer can be sure that he will get a brand new battery, i.e. the battery purchased has never been used and is a new product.

To know how to read the production code of the battery, each manufacturer has a code embedded in the battery section.

As an example; If the bat tree body part has the code 1231A1M0496, it means that the bat tree was produced on month 12, 3 and 2021, see 4 digits on the front.

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How to read it: the first 2 digits are the date, the 3rd digit is the month and the 4th is the year, the 5th digit is the shift, the 6th line, the 7th place of production, and the last 4 digits of the production serial number, for example, The battree production code is marked with the number 2533C3K0479, which means the battery was produced on March 25, 2023.

With the production code of the battery, it is expected that it can prevent the occurrence of reconditioned battery fraud that is claimed as a new battery. In general, the shelf life of the battery is a maximum of 1 year from the production date, more than that you need to be aware of its authenticity and quality.***

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