The Tiny, Wink NEV,Solar Panel Electric Car Made in the United States – Wink NEV is an electric car manufactured by the start-up company “Wink Motor”, USA. Wink A car similar to Bajaj Qute runs on electricity, but the source of electricity is generated from solar panels.

According to a company statement, quoted on the NewAtlas page on Saturday (1/28/2023), the Wink NEV is fully legal for road use throughout the United States. This car was manufactured in excess of the safety requirements set forth in the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

Although legal for road use, the speed of the Wink NEV is limited by the U.S. government. The maximum allowable speed is about 25 mph or 40 km/hour, and the limit of operation on highways is with a speed limit of up to 35 mph or 56 km/jam. For propulsion, the Wink NEV is equipped with a 3 kW continuous power electric motor (7 kW peak), with a lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery pack.

This electric battery can be charged from home with 120 volt current. A charge of the 60 V/60 Ah battery for 6 hours can cover a distance of 40 miles or 64 km. The vehicle is claimed to weigh about 761 lb or 345 kg.

For types using a removable solar panel roof that provides an additional range of up to 15 miles or 24 km per day. The vehicle also has a larger capacity 80 Ah battery, one charge for 8 hours is enough to cover a distance of about 60 miles or 97 km. This model weighs 362 kg and costs USD 9,995.

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The two-door Wink NEV costs around USD 8995. “We developed it for the U.S. market, which means designing the interior, controls, safety mechanisms, motors, batteries and other key components in conjunction with NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) guidelines for U.S. motor vehicles,” Wink CEO Mark Dweck told NewAtlas. .

Unlike some NEV “golf cart” vehicles, the car is fully enclosed, seats four passengers and offers features such as air conditioning, power windows, power door locks, mirrors and 3-point seat belts. It even has a backup camera, infotainment display, USB charger, glove box, trunk and folding rear seats for additional cargo space. ***

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