Qualcomm With Code Hamoa For Chipset In 2024

Multymeter.com.Even though Cualcomm has released a chipset for PCs last year, unfortunately it was not intense, and in the end most of them reused it in their cellphone product designs. But now Qualcomm is reportedly working on the project again with all its seriousness.

Rumors claim that the product will be introduced in 2024 and will be codenamed “Hamoa”, which will help us track down future chip leaks.

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The Hamoa chip will have 12 CPU cores in an 8+4 configuration. This chip will also support a discrete GPU. The large cluster consists of eight performance cores, while the four clusters are made of energy efficient cores.

Cualcomm will use a design developed by a former Apple engineer who worked on Apple’s current ARM-based chips, namely the Phoenix Nuvia core design. Moreover, a few years ago Qualcomm already acquired startup Nuvia so it is not surprising that the company will use a new architecture.

The performance of this Hamoa Chip from Qualcomm is so promising, that we might finally see a proper ARM-based Windows experience in the next few years. The chip promises a 50 to 100 percent performance increase in its 5-watt per core limit. That of course is based on the respective numbers from 2020.***




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